Glasner: Do not moan that you can play football in the gray Bundesliga everyday life

Against Betis Seville, Rode came in the 104th minute for the game and did the team felt noticeably well with his experience. “He made it very well and showed the same footballing quality he has. Again and again he has initiated the attacks forward,” praises Glasner. In Leipzig Rode should be the first choice. “Sebastian is certainly a candidate, but also Ajdin Hrustic has already done very well in the central midfield,” the coach does not want to look into the cards. On Saturday he will talk again with the recently again struck Rode again to clarify how that of the 31-year-old feels. The final decision is probably only on Sunday.

Whether it comes to further personnel changes, also depends on how players have moved away the nerve crimin against Betis for 120 minutes. However, Glasner does not want to hear complaints. “We want that, we want many games. The boys is much better than when I hurt them twice a day on the training place,” says the coach. “If one does not feel able to play, there are many other players burning to a startTarf insert. That’s why a team will definitely stand on Sunday, which is totally focused, with great victory will occur And try to come back with three points from Leipzig. “

Youngster Knauf did not stand on Friday on the training place after he had gotten something against Betis in an opposing grasse in the knee luck. But Glasner rather stresses the positive: “If someone had told Ansgar Knauf three months ago: ‘You play every game from the beginning to over 90 minutes, stand in the Europa League eighth place and are regular in the Bundesliga.’ He would have said, ‘Where can I sign? I play every day.’ So the boy must see that. This is an award for him, which he has earned with his achievements. You can not do that you can play football in the gray Bundesliga all day. ” Especially especially the Eintracht in Leipzig does not expect the gray everyday life, because there is no longer a viewer restrictions there. Glasner is really looking forward to the backdrop: “That’s for the first time since I do not know how long a full house, and our fans are there.”

Exoprimal: Dinosaur

Exoprimal Reveal Trailer | State of Play March 2022
CapCom revealed Exoprimal at the State of Play of PlayStation. This team-based action game is a new brand that releases a prehistoric Inferno on the near future.

The exofighters will draw in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Steam in the fight to ward off dinosaur invasions and save humanity from extinction.

That’s the story of exoprimal

We write the year 2040 and the planet is in a crisis. Dinosaurs dive out of nothing and devastate cities all over the globe. Threatened by the most deadly creatures of history, the world turns to the powerful Aibius Corporation and its revolutionary technology to help help.

The next generation Ki, Leviathan, may predict where the dinosaurs will emerge, and send exofighters into the appropriate area. Armed with state-of-the-art combatants, the so-called exosuits, these warriors are the last hope of humanity.

Exoprimal offers a new multiplayer experience based on a cooperative game – but offers gripping competition. In the main mode of the game, Dino survival, teams fight against countless dinosaurs while trying to complete the missions from the rival players in 5V5 matches.

Different objectives consider the tension for the players and ensure that each match is different than the last. The exofighters must be on the hat if, during the hunting, valuable freight deliveries have to be due or desperate last battles need to be mastered against relentless attacks.

The opposing teams even have the opportunity to attack their adversaries frontal and hinder their progress. Although exoprimal focuses exclusively on multiplayer mode, players experience a gripping story and can deepen into the many characters in the world by unlocking new crashes and ventilating the secret behind the dinosaur outbreaks.

The exofighters are always in the lower-mentioned and need to work together to increase their chances of survival. Your exosuals are available in different classes, each playing a specific role in the fight.

Attack models such as the sniper Deandeye and the melee-oriented Zephyr are characterized by the fact that they turn off enemy swarms. In the meantime, tanks like the shield-carrying roadbook and support types such as the vital witchdoctor help to get all alive to fight another day.

Each model is equipped with a unique armament and special skills. Players can even change the exosuits during the game to master each other so difficult situation.

Announcement trailer

Developer Video

Exoprimal trailer: In the cooop shooter are not zombies the evil

The State of Play of PlayStation on March 9, 2022, kept a surprise ready with which no one has expected. The show started with the trailer for the cooperative teamshooter Exoprimal of Capcom, where players with a wide variety of exosuits in a city environment against hordes of dinosaurs. This looks pretty fun, reminiscent of various asymmetric video games like evolution. Look at the trailer!

AW Exo Zombies 'Infection' Co Op Rounds 1-39 PS3

What is exoprimal?

In exoprimal, in a near future (2043) with teams from five players against hordes are very biter and very dangerous dinos, which seems to bubble from apparently spontaneously spontaneously swirls. In order to be able to become the advanced and community crowd at primeval opponents, and thus saves the life of the argumentous population, they have five different exosuits available, each of which takes a clearly defined role.

Exosuits of Exoprimal

The road block exosuit, also called barrier, is like a tank, which is similar to the tanks in the teamshooter Overwatch to fight at the forefront and protect the other team members, so that the… Well, you Ding do. Every suite, it explains the developers of Capcom, has unique skills and weapons.

Since you do not know what to do in front of a dinostorm, you can change the suits during battle and thus customize your team composition. Finally, not only relatively “simply” transient rapes on you, but also thicker chunks like – of course – the king of the world: The Tyrannosaurus Rex. Exoprimal should appear 2023 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5.

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Tiago Tomas explains his move to the VfB

When his name showed the first time as a possible VFB new entry, no one really liked to believe it. A JungProfi, trained at Sporting Lisbon, where he was used not only in the championship, but also in the cup and even in the Champions League, to do so u-21 international and versesome, should reinforce the VfB in the relegation battle? From the rumors were quickly facts. Tiago Tomas hired at the Swabia and has already become apparent in his second deployment, his first from the beginning, to the hope.

“I did not play so much this season,” says the 19-year-old about his motivations to leave Sporting. “When the interest of the VfB came, I liked the thought.” After a conversation with coach Ruben Amorim, his agent and the view of recordings of games of VfB and its terrain, the young professional decided for the Swabia. “The VfB is a big club in Germany, has already won many titles, but in recent years no longer the place he deserves.” He feels “honored to play with such a big club”.

Tiago Tomas does not talk about his contract and explores the city

Tiago Tomás | Welcome to Stuttgart 2022 | Best Skills & Goals | HD

It is quite aware of the fact that he has changed from a title candidate to a descent aspirant. “Of course I know about the situation,” says Tiago Tomas. “But we have enough quality to get out there. That’s not easy, but I’m sure we’re doing it. We do not descend.” Whether in case of cases to existed until 2023 signed loan agreement also beyond this summer, he does not want to reveal. “I’m not talking about contracts.” This is not necessary because you hold the class. “I am convinced of that.”

Tiago Tomas makes the impression of a satisfied professionals through his decision. An apartment has already been rented, when moving into the mother helped, friends also helped him over the first days in the stranger. The 19-year-old was already in the Stuttgart Zoo, on the TV tower, explores the city. “I’m very open and none of the home sits”.

Striker is flexible: “I feel good on the wings”

Also no longer happy to be on the bench, like last in Lisbon. “In the past half year, I played especially in the final phase of a game,” says the striker, who has recruited with his two hits in Leverkusen for more starting fields for themselves. “The game in Leverkusen gives me self-confidence.” Straight and especially for the upcoming duel with Bochum. “It’s an important game because we need to start points. This is now a week after week.”

That with SASA Kalajdzic, who has completed a first individual unity again on the lawn after cooldown calajprems today, against Bochum probably back to the team, play for him no role. The question of whether this reduces his application opportunities is “one for the coach. Everyone wants to play, but the coach decides”. Especially on which position Pellegrino Matarazzo commemorate the Portuguese, which offers alternatively. “I feel good on the wings.”