PS4 players just got a great gift

PS4 players have just received a great gift, courtesy of PlayStation and one of the most popular transmission subscription services on the Internet. Until now, the gift is exclusive for PS4 and PS4 Pro, which means that if you are in PS5, you are not lucky, although PS plus subscribers have just obtained one of the most popular games of all time free.. However, this new gift of PS4 does not require PS Plus. If you have not seen it yet, for a limited time, all PS4 users can get a limited time subscription to Apple TV + free, without ties. That said, although there are entry barriers, those who take advantage of this offer will want to be diligent, otherwise, the free subscription can quickly become a recurring payment.

At any time between now and July 22, 2022, all PS4 users can get three months from the subscription service that normally costs $ 5 per month, which provides a $ 15 savings. To redeem this “extended test access”, you need a PSN ID and an Apple ID. That’s it. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, be sure to cancel it after three months have passed, as it will be renewed automatically. Meanwhile, if you are an active member, you can not use this to add three months to your subscription, and if you have been a subscriber in the past, it will not work either. This is only for new subscribers.

If you are still interested, locate the Apple TV application in the TV and video section of your console, if you still do not have it downloaded. Once downloaded, open it and follow the instructions on the screen, which will indicate you log in with your Apple ID or create one if you do not have 1. And that is.

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Apple TV is widely known for its original content as ted Lasso, the morning program, trying, _ and s _ee and foundation. That said, it also has unreal content, such as _grinch transmission rights.

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Free Fire codes today March 1, 2022; All free rewards

Free Fire Maintains the type in full year 2022 Fire one of the most popular games on the planet on iOS and Android mobile devices. The title of Garena, a Battle Royale multiplayer free-to-play (free with integrated purchFirees), offers us free rewards codes every day, which is translated that it is more fun to play when you have more objects and elements without cost; Since expanding our selection of available diamonds. Let’s go to know All Fire Fire codes for today, Tuesday, March 1, 2022 , available for players from Spain, Latin America Fire well Fire the rest of the world.

FREE Fire codes for today, March 1, 2022

  • V3B4-5JTU-65X4
  • HKI8-765R-SDWC
  • 987S-6WTG-4BNT
  • Fmnr-juti-govc
  • 8M90-OILJ-OHBL
  • C6DT-EGBN-567K
  • Ddfrty1616pouyt.
  • Ffgybgfdapqo.
  • Bbhuqwpo1616uy
  • 6VIP6OC285TA
  • Rnbahk6ye6z8.
  • 7TYQN35MND2V.
  • 5TG7-6T6R-I7EF
  • C65S-4AEW-DECD
  • DJSI-9Z76-A5TR
  • Wef3-4G5B-RTN6
  • BQ2B-3NRK-TOG9
  • 8V76-C5SR-EDWV
  • 6Y7U-JHBV-CDR6
  • GW2J-WIE8-F765

How to redeem Garena Free Fire free codes?

  1. The first step is that you click on this link to access the official rewards portal, the reward exchange site.
  2. Then, log in with Free Fire account from your chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.

3. Enter the twelve code (12) digits in the indicated space (be sure not to confuse some numbers with letters) and confirm.
4. Once you confirm the code you have selected enough to wait until they are reflected in your account.

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Free Fire is available for free (FREE-TO-PLAY) from the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play devices if you use a mobile or Android tablet. PC users can also play using these simple steps.