Scaring: popping out our strengths

After the first round, both fan bearings would not have expected that it would go up the rise in this game. At the starting point of the back series Osnabrück was ranked nine, the lions even ranked eleven. Suddenly today’s competitors found in the trail and are now the first pursuers of the top trio. The anticipation is “insane, because two molded teams meet”, Daniel Scherning initiated the press conference in the run-up to the Kracher.

Scaring is looking forward to the “hex kettle”

The 38-year-old expects “many 1860 fans but also many purple-white. We introduce ourselves to a witch chain.” Meanwhile, he recognizes a “clear pattern with a good penalty area and a strong retreat behavior.” It will definitely be intense: “I assume that you press ourselves high to take the stadium right from the start.”

But exactly on such games, the VFL had “long worked”. Also because Osnabrück has developed this chance itself, the guest is travels with a broad chest: “We pop in our strengths and can then decide every game to our favor.”

Random pop-up video (Scary?)

Simakala missing – Heider fit again?

Only personally there are a few construction sites in the VfL. The second best scorer Ba-Muaka Simakala (8 goals) will be missing after its 5th yellow card. Sören Bertram (construction according to Meniscus-op), Timo Beermann (Anklebruch) and Ulrich Taffertshofer (tendon injury) are not available.

At Marc Heider, however, Scherning gives all-clearing and expects use of the best scorer, which comes to ten goals in the current season. Which of the two teams in the ascent race can set an exclamation point, will show from 2 pm (live! At ranked eleven).