Primed opinions de the rings of power

We are just a few days after the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power at Amazon Prime. In this way, the first official reviews of the series are now available online, and The initial reception sounds quite positive, with an almost perfect rating in Rotten Tomatoes.


A few hours ago, the first reviews of the rings of power began to circulate online. In this way, the initial rating of the series was a perfect 100% in Rotten Tomatoes. However, this reception has dropped, but is currently 93%, something impressive considering the property that is being handled, and the freedom that Amazon took with many of the elements present.

This was what I commented to invent:

The Middle Land presented at The Rings of Power is surprisingly different from the one seen in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. However, it is a merit for the stage design teams and visual effects of The Rings of Power that feels no less cozy or lived.

For his part, Roger Ebert commented:

For all the feeling of Game of Thrones-lite, its exuberant production design and the promise of five seasons to tell its story makes me think that there is potential in this adventure, even if we still cannot see it.

Similarly, Collider said:

The Rings of Power does a good job by keeping it informed about the increase in the evil that is coming and feels as if it were moving towards the creation of its own potential community, with Galadriel to the head. Although the titular rings do not play such an early role in the program, there is more than enough to keep the public entertaining: mysterious figures, political plots, terrible survival situations and more.

However, not everyone is happy, and /film commented:

Despite all the money in the world,‘ The Rings of Power ’cannot recover the magic contained in Jackson’s three films. I enjoyed what I saw here, but I also kept thinking that what I really wanted to do was watch the movies again

Considering that On September 2, the rings of power will be released on Amazon Prime Video , it is only a couple of days before the public’s opinions give us a new perspective on this production. In related issues, here you can see the new trailer of the series. Similarly, we will have a new book by The Lord of the Rings this year.