Always aboubakar: Cameroon tes the group victory

When Cameroon plays, goals fall. The tournament guest encoder is the Tor Factory of the Africa Cup, especially Captain Aboubacar. Also, against Cape Verde was the 29-year-old Cameron’s most dangerous player — and of course also responsible for the only goal of the Uncertain Lions : After a free kick from the half-field, the (attacker) of Altar (Saudi Arabia) the ball fell 13 meters The gate in front of the feet, by tight flat shot ABOUBACAR in the bottom right corner — his fifth tournament hits (39.).

Cameroon was thus on the way to the full point yield in the group stage, but Garry Rodrigues had something against it: the offensive players to be replaced to the break completed a cross pass worth seeing with the hoe (53.). It remained at 1: 1 because Aboubacar exceptionally unused a grand chance: a rebound shot the attacker freestanding from six meters over the gate (66.).

In addition to Cameroon, four points Burkina Faso attracts as a group second in the secondary final. Cape Verde has collected the same score, but lost direct comparison. With four counters, Cape Verde will still have good opportunities on the third round, because the four best group forms continue.