Werder Bremen celebrates almost perfect day, FC Schalke 04 looks forward

Werder Bremen takes over the pole position in the ascent race. Schalke 04, however, must be trembling again after the 1: 4 in the top game.

Double packer Marvin Ducksch danced with his Bremen teammates in front of the guest curve, but the “leader, leader” calls of the Werder fans went under. For at the other end of the arena sold out for the first time for 781 days, the Schalke attachment hopped and sang as if the S04 had returned to the Bundesliga again.

“As the fans have reacted, it is unbelievable,” said Ducksch director Rouven Schröder after the sobering 1: 4 (0: 2) in the top game of the relegated, “the club is so close together. That gives you so much heart blood and emotionality.”

Ducksch sends Bremen to the top | FC Schalke 04 - SV Werder Bremen 1-4 | Bundesliga 2 - 21/22

The change is unmistakable: Almost exactly a year, Schalke fans had hunted the professionals after 0: 1 in Bielefeld and the crash in the 2nd league still around the stadium.

But really reason to cheer had only Ducksch and Co.: The first victory after three 1: 1 in a row brought Werder in the exciting race race three rounds before the end into the pole position.

Matchwinner Ducksch, who had taken care of with his seasons 18 and 19 (51./53.) For the decision, spoke of an “almost perfect day”. Trainer Ole Werner was all about the early hits of Ilia Gruev (9th) and Niclas Füllmaschrug (26th) to standards, “we were very effective”.

Schalke 04 cleans his mouth

Three points is now the lead before the relegation platz, the Darmstadt 98 after 2: 1 (2: 0) occupies FC St. Pauli. And the rest program is clearly lighter with home games against Holstein Kiel and Jahn Regensburg as well as the away game at Erzgebirge aue than that of the royal blue. The first defeat after five wins under Interim Trainer Mike Büskens threw them a counter behind Bremen – at the SV Sandhausen, against St. Pauli and the 1st FC Nuremberg decides whether the immediate recruit succeeds.

The approach is clear: continue as in the weeks before. “Stroke down, head up, nothing happened at all,” said Schröder. And wükens assisted: “We did not start spinning and thought in the last few weeks, we could go over water. Also now we remain clear.”

For this, Schalke needs to turn off the blatant defensive errors, which started at goalkeeper Martin Fraisl at 0: 1, turn off. And the best offensive of the league must start as soon as possible as Simon Terodde against Bremen (88.) with the goal shooting. Because it is lost yet: “You have to take it like a boxer,” said Schröder, “Now it’s going to the next round.”

FC Schalke 04: Malick Thiaw confirms a few conversations with the AC Milan

In the squad of FC Schalke 04 Malick Thiaw is one of the hope. However, the services of the German U21 national player have also aroused desires, including the Great AC Milan. Now the young defender was commented on the advances of the Rossoneri.

“There were a couple of talks. My consultants did that, I focused on Schalke,” Thiaw revolved on Tuesday on “WAZ” demand.

Shortly before the Deadline Day in January, rumors had come over a last minute offer from Milan over 6.5 million euros. S04 Malick Thiaws director Rouven Schröder should have reduced the thumb, as he allegedly predicted at least ten million euros as a transfer.

With the run of things, Thiaw has apparently found his peace. “In the end, I’m here now. God has his destiny for everyone,” said the 20-year-old, who hopes with Schalke still on the climb.

FC Schalke 04: Thiaw enthuses from Terodde

Thiaw, who has scored two goals in 27 second league inserts, is tied to the club until 2024. Industry experts quantifiate the defense jewel as the most valuable professional of the squad.

“Of course, I’ll get it and look a bit on it. In the end, however, my performance in the field must be voted. I rather rush instead of the most expensive player of the second league,” emphasized the native Düsseldorf.

MALICK THIAW und seine Geschichte | Interview des Monats | FC Schalke 04

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In general, Thiaw in Gelsenkirchen continues to feel well. The Youngster is also convinced by the quality of his teammates. A colleague has done it especially.

“In training, I like to measure myself with the best – and Simon (Terodde, Anm.D.Red.) Is the best striker of the second league,” the defensive actor swarmed.

FC Schalke 04 | “That was too little”: Bücke

The FC Schalke 04 has returned to FC Ingolstadt again fully in the rise race of the 2nd Bundesliga after the away win. Nevertheless, Büskens representative Matthias Kreutzer was not completely satisfied after the game.

By the end clear 3: 0 success in FC Ingolstadt, Schalke 04 has used the Patzer of the competition and ranks only four points behind the climbing sites in the 2nd Bundesliga.

After the release of Dimitrios Grammozis, Interim Trainer Mike Büskens should take place on the bank on Sunday. But a corona infection lasted the 53-year-old ultimately in the home office.

Because of this, Matthias Kreutzer took over the coaching and ordered short-pestile Ko Itura into the defensive midfield. “We wanted to be variable,” the actual assistant trainer is quoted by the “WAZ” regarding his tactical measure.

Besides Itkura, Florian Flick acted in the Schalke Control Center. Since Ingolstadt acted with two medium tower, the royal blue wanted to have “overpaid players” in the defensive “overpaid player”. “We know that Flo Flick and Ko Iturka can play exactly how,” said Kreutzer.

Kreutzer: FC Schalke 04 in Ingolstadt “To Lethargic”

In the game forward, the FC Schalke had long problems with the table deadline. “That was too little. The claim must be another,” Criticized Kreutzer the lack of creativity.

S04-PK vor Ingolstadt | FC Schalke 04

The Büskens representative called the Schalke appearances as “too lethargic” and “too slow”. To further shorten the residue on the SV Darmstadt, FC St. Pauli, Werder Bremen (all 48 points) and 1. FC Nuremberg (45), Kreutzer and Bücke must screw up the offensive game in the coming weeks.

On Saturday (13:30 clock), FC Schalke 04 receives the spreadsheet of Hannover 96 before there is a week later to Dynamo Dresden (1.4.).

FC Schalke 04: Ralf ferryman waves return to the goal

At FC Schalke 04, the dismissal of Dimitrios Grammozis and its coaching team could also be associated with a renewed change on the goalkeeper position.

According to the “picture” Ralf Fährmann waves a return between the posts. The 33-year-old Routinian and ex-captain had been degraded to number two shortly after the start of the start of Grammozis. Since there was Martin Fraisl in the Schalke goal.

Fährmann's Tears and Great Fair Play - Schalke Fans Hail Their Keeper

Outstanding, the 28-year-old Austrian did not stop. The “kicker” introduces Fraisl with a note of 3.06 in its 18 league inserts merely as a tentl-best keeper of the 2nd Bundesliga.

Background of the possible goalkeeper exchange on Schalke: In the course of the separation of grammozis and the carriage of whose assistant Mike Büskens to the chef coach, the longtime goalkeeper coach Simon Henzler takes up his work in the scarce instead of the Dutchman Wil Coort again.

New old goalkeeper trainer for FC Schalke 04

Henzler had already worked for six years by last summer at the Revierklub. He should support Büskens and his co-trainer Matthias Kreutzer.

“He is under contract with us and knows Schalke from the Effeff. Therefore, it was the logical decision for us,” said Schalkes director Rouven Schröder on Tuesday in the context of a media round.

Henzler is considered close familiar ferryman.

FC Schalke 04: Ralf Ferryman Degraded to Wacklern

The former U21 national goalkeeper had extended his contract to Schalke after the descent until 2025 and to accept significant salary sausages. Nevertheless, Grammozis decided after a few wobblers ferryman a change in the gate.

Again and again, the German Greek praised the attitude of his number two. For use ferryman but only with the bitter 0: 1 bankruptcy at 1860 Munich in the second round of the DFB Cup.

FC Schalke 04 | BVB: “Nightmare” for Matthew Hoppe and Emre Mor

A change in the Spanish La Liga is a long-cherished goal for many footballers. However, for two professionals who once stood at BVB and FC Schalke 04 under contract, the step amounted to a nightmare.

Like a phoenix from the ashes emerged Matthew Hoppe 2020/21 in the first team of FC Schalke 04 and headed six goals in 22 Bundesliga games for. However, the descent of the miners from the German upper house even he could not prevent.

Nevertheless, the performance of 20-year-olds called the competition on the plan. Ultimately took Schalke the chance to let the US national team to RCD Mallorca in the Spanish Primera División draw and filled the dangerous empty coffers with 3.5 million euros.

Meanwhile distinctly clear that the Royal Blues are the only winner of this deal. Hoppe graduated so far only four short assignments for the club from the Balearic Islands. with only the crashing 1: 6-swatter against Real Madrid, the attacker was in the starting lineup and was even able to record a Assist.

Matthew Hoppe after leaving FC Schalke 04 in the crisis

No wonder that critical voices were not long in coming. The Spanish “Marca” judged Hoppes Mallorca adventure in mid-November 2021 as a “nightmare”. Even coach Luis Garcia left no doubt that the Youngster difficult the change of air.

“. I speak English with him, but with the group Spanish Finally go many things to Matthew over, not only in football but also in terms of integration,” coach Luis García faced the Schalkes newspaper clear: “You see your teammates laugh and you do not know what they were laughing. ” But that’s not all: Shortly thereafter, The Body Shoppe slowed further. A muscular injury put the Youngster two months out of action.

Last haunted even a return to Germany through the media. Even the FC Schalke 04 was traded.

Just over a month later constricted Hoppe soccer shoes but still for Mallorca. However, improvement is still barely in sight. On the last matchday Hoppe was once again only on the bench again.

“Turkish Messi” disappointed not only at BVB

As it is, if one does not live up to expectations as a result of transfers, Emre Mor know only too well. Accompanied by-media hoopla joined the attacker in 2016 by the Danish first division side FC Nordsjaelland for BVB, who flipped almost ten million euros for the “Turkish Messi” as titled offensive player on the table.

The best, however, that you should connect with Mor in Dortmund is the fact that you could sell it later for 13 million euros at Celta Vigo one year. Really happy, however, the 24-year-old was not in Spain. This was followed by unconvincing lending commitments at Galatasaray and Olympiakos Piraeus before Mor before the current season also on loan at Fatih Karagümrük hired.

With the Turkish first division Mor struggling in the bottom third of the table against relegation, could with a goal in 13 league games but once again not leave the big impression. Last Saturday it continued the next blow to the neck: With Mor in the starting lineup went Fatih Karagümrük with 0: 5 in Adana Demirspor the ex-Schalke Benjamin Stambouli and Younès Belhanda and Italy’s enfant terrible Mario Baloteli below.

The Turkish former international Tümer Metin scored Mor against “Tivibu Spor” of recent public. “. Young players can learn, he has learned nothing, when I saw him today play revealed to be playing the same problems as six years ago,” said Metin after the 0: 1 defeat against Besiktas on 18 January.

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