Torsten Lieberknecht gives Keeper Behrens early security

Torsten Lieberknecht erklärt Pleite:
Theoretically, a use of Darmstadt’s Stammkeeper Marcel shoes on Easter Sunday would have been even possible in the next top game against Schalke 04. But coach Torsten Lieberknecht did not want to “race with the time” – especially with a view of shoe-based representative Morten Behrens. The 25-year-old, so favorite carefully consideration, should be a certainty and thus sufficient time to prepare. Why the football teacher has already publicly proclaimed two days before the encounter at the sold-out Böllenfalltor: shoes, most recently replaced in Nuremberg with a slight fiber rope, will not be used. But Behrens “the trust he always has anyway”. His motivations, so nice night, have also discussed with shoes that could completely understand this: “It was a joint decision.”

The shoes representatives should “show more temperament”

On Behrens, before the season from Magdeburg, he waits his fourth seasonal use, the third from the beginning. The statistics do not speak for him. On the first two matches when he replaced the shoes pausing because of Corona, the lilies were defeated against Regensburg (0: 2) and the KSC (0: 3). In Nuremberg, he was last replaced at the stand of 1: 1 in the 66th minute, in the end Darmstadt had to acknowledge a 1: 3. Ultimately, only numbers and snapshots, on the favorite Nonetheless nothing wants to give nothing: “In such moments, I do not think of the statistics,” smells the 48-year-old. He gets out at most, if she was a bit pleasing.

Without no-winks, he then justifies the backing for Behrens: “Morten is a very training-sharing goalkeeper who brought Marcel with his achievements this season”. Such an interaction will forget quickly. Football, suggests love right, Behrens obviously even the best Lilien Keeper. However, he could “show more temperament, present, he is a very quiet character”. As of course, Behrens’ still relatively young goalkeeper and his role could be owed. “The preparation for Sunday now will help him,” Prophecy-Nieznecht, “Morten is full of it and will make a good game.”

Seydel wobbles, season for quickhardt

The same expects the coach again from the whole team. The defeats in the latest top dives at Werder and the FCN continues to evaluate as setbacks: “We have presented well in our tactical variability and, despite the results, get a good feeling, have come to more opportunities again”. Negative pressure in the climbing race Feeling in Darmstadt also after the recent slipping in 4th place, “The desire for the victory is always bigger. We are still there that is the greatest performance of this team”. And: “The biggest respect we can prove to an opponent like Schalke is that we get our best performance against you”. Specifically, this means for Lieberknecht: “Good tactical presence without firefanz. That’s the expectation we have to us.”

On Sunday, there is probably striker Aaron Seydel, which is laboratory for Achillesnight problems. After all, Lieberknecht is confident that no longer failure threatens. Unlike in the case Fabian Quickhardt. With him a muscle bundle crack was diagnosed, the season was thus for the midfield man.

FC Bayern: Sven Ulreich negatively tested

A few days ago, FC Bayern announced that Stammkeeper Manuel new will not be available to the Club in the coming weeks. The 35-year-old must undergo a knee surgery. An initially feared goalkeeper nightstand is not threatened.

The representation of Manuel new is supposed to take over more Sven Ulreich. The 33-year-old, who returned to FC Bayern after a year at the Hamburg SV in the summer, has often mastered the rule of deputy in the past often bravorous, really panic prevailed after the failure of new on the Säbener Straße.

On Wednesday morning, “Sky” and “Picture” then logged out that the suspicion of infection with the Corona virus would exist with the Corona virus. An elevated value should be the reason that the goalkeeper was missing on Wednesday at training.

In the afternoon then followed the all-clear! A renewed corona test fell negative according to “image” information. As the “kicker” reported, the Munich number two trained two on Wednesday afternoon again with the team. This is probably nothing in the way of use against the VfL Bochum.

The big FC Bayern quiz with Manuel Neuer and Sven Ulreich
If Ulstreich will not be ready for use despite everything, FC Bayern with Christian Fruchtl as well as the Johannes Schenk and Manuel Kainz Johannes, only three emergency solutions. With Luke Fast and Jakob Mayer, there are always overflow, two goalkeeper talents are missing.

Fruvet still without use for the professionals of FC Bayern

Fruktl, with 22 years the most experienced from the third row, has never been a game for the professionals of the Munich. In the past season, the former German U20 international player was also awarded to the 1st FC Nuremberg, but could not assert himself against the existing competition.

At the coming Bundesliga matchday at VFL Bochum, FC Bayern himself is likely to be favorite with an inexperienced backman, more precariously seems to be the situation shortly thereafter. At the 16th of February, the Munich, after all, guests in the round of the Champions League at RB Salzburg guests. A game that is trendy for the further course of the season.

Ulstreich’s negative test on Wednesday is likely to reduce the pulse in all Munich people.