NBA News: $ 100,000! Dallas Mavericks for behavior on the bench asked to checkout for the third time

The Dallas Mavericks have been asked by the NBA for the third time in the current postseason for their behavior on the bench to the cash register. After $ 25,000 and $ 50,000, the punishment was doubled again, so that the Texans now have to shell out $ 100,000. The league announced this on Sunday.

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After two offenses in the previous series against the Phoenix Suns, the members of the team had not adhered to the rules, according to the statement, in the bitter defeat in game 2 at the Golden State Warriors. In addition to several players, a member of the coaching staff stood in the bank for a longer period of time and even moved away from the bank and stood in the field during the game.

“It is the league’s decision to express a punishment, but we will not sit down and continue to cheer on the players,” said Mavs Head coach Jason Kidd before game 3 when the punishment was not yet official. Already after the first punishment he said: “The league takes care of the wrong things. Millionaire Feuer is a millionaire. The enthusiasm is special, that’s what sport is about.”

In game 2 against Golden State there was even a scene in which Stephen Curry wanted to play the ball for Dallas’ Two-Way player Theo Pinson, who stood next to the bank in a white sweater and thus confused the Warriors jersey similar saw. The situation was similar with the injured Tim Hardaway Jr. “We try everything to help our teammates,” Pinson recently told ESPN. “We cause a mental problem for the opponent.”

Steve Kerr, Head Coach of the Warriors, said about the topic: “It doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t intervene in the game. I love that your bank brings energy, runs Trash Talk and is full. The fans want to see that. The fans want a team to take care of each other. I love it, but when the game is intervened, a red line is exceeded. “

NBA Playoffs – Warriors vs. Mavs: The series at a glance (2-0)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 19. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 112: 87
2 21. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 126: 117
3 23. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
4 25. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
5* 27. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks
6* 29. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
7* 31. May 2 o’clock Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors

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NBA – damper for Dallas: Warriors win game one

His first really outstanding play-off series in the back, probably probably Der Performer of this post-season. In the night of Thursday, however, Luka Doncic with his Dallas Mavericks had to accept a decent damper. The Jason Kidd team lost to the Golden State Warriors with 87:112.

Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Game 1 Full Highlights | 2022 WCF | FreeDawkins

This time Doncic remained behind the expectations with 20 points, only sank six out of 18 litters from the field. Because the Slovenian was still the best scorer of his team, there was nothing to get for the Mavs in Bay. In the second half, Doncic, who had seven gymnastics, only reached two meager counters.

Kerr praises his defensive – twelve rebounds for curry

For Dallas, however, the setback has long since become routine. “We have always found an answer so far,” commented Coach Kidd, who also lost one in the two previous round game one with the MAVs, but had previously prevailed both times.

“We defended excellently,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, praising his team, which only allowed 87 points of the opponent. So it was sufficient that Steph Curry was top scorer with 21 points. The twelve rebounds of the superstar were more remarkable.