Borussia Mönchengladbach: Effenberg criticizes President Königs

Ex-national player Stefan Effenberg (53) has practiced harsh criticism of President Rolf King (80) by Borussia Mönchengladbach. “Actually, such a man in such a leadership position has lost nothing when he deals with humans,” said Effenberg in the Sport1 -Doppelpass.

King had with awkward and empathous statements in the direction of the resigned sports director Max Eberl (“We have done everything to keep him to turn him over”) at the press conference on Friday for negative attention.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s CEO Axel Hellmann (50) still looks chance that Eberl returns to the Bundesliga bench. “I believe that he will treat the tank again and then get back again. He wrote one of the largest success stories of the last ten years with infinite commitment in Gladbach. That goes to the bones,” he expressed in the double pass.

About details of the separation, however, was not spoken. “We did not talk about contracts yet,” said Borussia’s Vice President Rainer Bonhof in the double pass.

Konhof continues: “We have to respect the situation of Max Eberl and not the contractual things. Everything else is still out.” The contract of the 48-year-old Eberl at the five-time German champion still has a term until 2026.

Bonhof, World Champion of 1974, said to the possible succession Eberls: “In the rest lies the strength. We have led first talks with Steffen Korell (Gladbach’s Chefscout, D.Red.). He said that the first row is not his world “

The Borussia, however, let go time: “We will be able to develop something in peace and internally, who will replace Max Eberl. We will not break it over the knee.”

Bonhof demonstrates Zakaria change to Juve

Bonhof also expressed a transfer of Denis Zakaria to Juventus Turin to the lasting rumors. “We have nothing in my hands in principle,” said Gladbach’s vice-president.

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He spoke of a desire, but no concrete offerings for the Eidgenossen, who will definitely leave the club at the end of the season. As a transfer plus bonus payments, an amount of seven million euros is colensioned. The winter transfer window in Germany ends on Monday evening.

Effenberg counts Slee from FC Bayern – BVB

The former national player and today’s TV expert Stefan Effenberg shot against Niklas Süle. This had announced a few days ago that he will leave FC Bayern Munich at the end of the season.

Still is unclear where Nikla’s Süle will move to his FC Bayern, for Effenberg, on the other hand, “that he has decided against the Bayern Muniching success and for more money. Because in Europe there is no club, in which there is no club in Europe He has such a guarantee “as with the dealers, the 53-year-old” T-Online “explained.

According to Effenberg, these many successes can not offer the English clubs, which regularly scare each other’s championships and do not do clubs such as the FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. “And right not Newcastle United, who are supposedly interested in,” so the former FCB star continues.

“Even a change within the Bundesliga to Borussia Dortmund would only be explained by explaining that the BVB makes a higher salary loose. I can not imagine that,” said Effenberg.

For the Munich, Süles’s exit meanwhile to get over. “No mega loss”, the TV expert stated. FC Bayern has done everything right despite the release-free departure. The responsible persons would have created “not roman”, but facts created after Süle did not accept their offer.

Effenberg: FC Bayern has acted “consistently and correct”

The behavior is “consistent, correct and also testimony to a new strategy, which is increasingly clear,” said Effenberg firmly and clarified: “In the absolute service providers, FC Bayern, of course, extends to extend the contracts – as well as that at Serge Gnabry and Thomas Müller will succeed. “

Dream Coaching Start for Former Bayern Player Stefan Effenberg
The club, however, do not hold stars in return at any price, but set a border. “This is a signal to your own players, but also to Europe:” We do not make everything here and pay no 30 million euros or more in the year. “

Instead, Effenberg praised FC Bayern, who is always consistent on their own youth. The responsible persons have given the only 16-year-old Paul Wanner a long-term contract. The 18-year-old Jamal Musial is an integral part of the tribe team and also the 19-year-old Malik Tillman has already been allowed to complete seven competitive games this season. “