VW ID. Buzz: the electrical VW

The Bull T1, on the various other hand, just currently obtains a great-grandson: ID. It is called Buzz and also is the largest offspring of the modular electrical kit (MEB) from the Volkswagen Team.

optical appeal offensive

We want to make VW a loved one again, says the new brand name manager Thomas Schaefer. The ID. Buzz can support Chasers in 2 means.

The electrical great-grandson as well as its ancestor: VW ID. Buzz and T1 Samba (right). Producer

As a matter of fact, it was a brilliant move by VW to put its first electric room in an outfit that unmistakably prices estimate the financial and also blossom power icon T1: huge VW logo design, two-tone blackjacking with V on the front, short, short Overhang as well as technically a principle of the rear engine and also rear-wheel drive.

Buzz constantly into the globe. The interior has actually entirely moved away from that of the original Bulls, right here the factual-modern globe of the ID family takes over the sovereignty of analysis, with a small, freely standing info display behind the steering wheel, up to twelve-inch touchscreen and optional head-up display.

change, yet not expanding

The 4.71 meter lengthy ID. Buzz is around 19 centimeters shorter than a VW T6.1, he does not need to hide from the bro in regard to area, and also the baronial wheelbase of nearly three meters is ultimately on par. The front travelers traveling in a bus-like leader on comfortable seats, which is additionally equipped with massage and ventilation feature, a triple seat furniture is mounted in the back location, which can be moved by 15 centimeters. Multivan followers ruined by irregularity will certainly sign up with frowns so that neither the pole positions can be turned nor the rear areas can be broadened. Regrettably it was not various, states VW. The battery in the under body currently lives, if there was now an elaborate seating construct with an equivalent area requirement, the buzz would certainly have grown beyond the auto parking garage suitable elevation of 1.95 meters.

long variation with third row of seats

Buzz cabin: leather-free and rather with materials such as Equal, which includes sea sculpture and also recycled pet dog bottles. Manufacturer


The stock is tied over both sides (and common) sliding doors, the luggage area, which is easily obtainable via a low loading edge, absorbs 1121 to 2205 liters. And also of training course open and close moving doors and also tailgate electrically on request. There is no scarcity of storage alternatives, the supposed ID is suggested as specifically beneficial. Buzz boxes between the pole positions, a removable get rid of 1.4 l folding compartment, five-seater drawer and a storage compartment in the upper area, here ice scrapers and also bottle screw are available. Unlike the ID. 3 If the trailer coupling is not only appropriate for bicycle shelves, however additionally for trailers, brake up to 1000 kilograms can be taken right into tow.

An alternative with six private seats is to adhere to in the coming year, and also a BUZZ long variation with third row of seats is also created 2023.

At the beginning, the battery bull just drives with a drive that is made up of a 150 kW/204 hp electrical motor as well as a battery of 77 kWh of web capability as a power dispenser, according to standard there are 425 kilometers of optimal variety. Additional variants need to be seen up until 2023, as an example on the base buzz with a small 52 kWh battery or on the all-wheel drive version with 220 kW/300 hp.

car parking maneuvers saved

We did not miss more performance than the 204 hp in our very first Buzz trip. In terms of driving technology, the fantastic Ströer gives a great deal of satisfaction, it accelerates swiftly, adheres to specifically as well as straight to the guiding movements, swings in a comfy tranquility over bumps and verifies in the city an impressive maneuverability, the transforming circle of just 11.1 meters on the data sheet does not have to guarantee a great deal. And considering that we are currently discussing maneuvering: Along with aid systems such as the Traveling Assist with throng data make use of and also helped lane change, the ID makes use of. Buzz also of the Park Help And Also with a memory function for automatic parking, when saved, particular one and abstaining processes can be phoned once more and again.

Chic, however subject to additional charge: ID. Buzz in two-colored. Maker

It is not progressing faster than at 145 km/h, which is additionally no damages, as is known, rate comes to be an awesome killer. The BUZZ faucets the Wall box with 11 kW, as soon as packed with filling up 7 as well as fifty percent hrs. Electrical energy from the quick charging terminal is covered with approximately 170 kW, preferably the battery is filled up from 5 to 80 percent within half an hour. Practical: The plug & charge function, with the help of which the vehicle automatically authenticity on the billing terminal, billing card or application is then simply more required as a QR code.

Cargo-Buzz for artisans

_ UCLA Elmer _.

What it sets you back: from 54,431 euros (freight) or 64,581 euros.

When he comes: can currently be ordered, distributions from November.

I’d. Buzz freight: area for 2 euro pallets. Supplier

The VW business vehicle division has already gathered over 10,000 orders for the ID. Buzz, incredibly, virtually half of the cargo version that attends to craftsmen and also various other investors is noticeable. The freight buzz can be strained 648 kilograms.

Buzz is around 19 centimeters much shorter than a VW T6.1, he does not have to conceal from the brother in terms of area, and the handsome wheelbase of practically 3 meters is lastly on par. The battery in the under body currently lives, if there was currently a fancy seating construct with a matching space need, the buzz would certainly have expanded past the car park garage compatible height of 1.95 meters.

Who he is targeting: Mercedes BQV, Opel Mafia Life-E, Peugeot E-Traveler, Citroën ë-Spacetourer.

If you go to the truck fall, you have to be brave. Because in the ID. BUZZ wish to be invested a minimum of 64,581 euros, the cargo starts from 54,431 euros. This is a lot of money-if you need to invest a lot more for a flawlessly recovered Bull.

What drives him: electrical motor with 150 kW/204 hp.

What is still coming: 2023 An entry-level design with a little battery, a four-wheel drive version with 220 kW/300 hp, a six-seater version, a seven-seater with a long wheelbase.

Buzz boxes in between the front seats, a removable part with 1.4 l folding area, five-seater cabinet as well as a storage space area in the upper area, right here ice scrapers and also container openers are offered. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo soon: **.

VW ID. Buzz as well as ID. Buzz Freight soon: .