The Cycle: Frontier Guide to the locations of old medicine

Old Medicine is a regular item used to print/manufacture consumables such as Strong and Combat Stims to help restore health points in The Cycle: Frontier.

They cost only 150 K-Marks and, therefore, they should not be sold. You will need many stimulants to survive against high-level enemies in high-level areas. This is a fairly good reason to adhere to as many old medicine as possible.

Old medicine is also an object belonging to the Osiris fraction. You can get 2 points of the faction for each item.

The next guide marks all the places where you can find the Old Medicine in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: border places of old medicine

The old medicine can usually be found in medical matters in all areas of the level. Starting medical suitcases of level 1 have the highest chance of 50%. The chance of appearing continues to fall as you go to a higher level.

places of old medicine in bright sands

Waterfall Lab in the northeast is a great place for the Old Medicine farm. Here you will find many medical cases.

You can also go to the vaccine laboratory in the east of the cards to get another prey. The jungle camp in the fast West and the northern forests of a crashed ship are also good places for the Old Medicine farm.

Places of old medicine Crossman Folls

The immediate forest zone north of Greens Prospect is a good place to start the search for Old Medicine. PINNACLE LABS in the northeast corner of the card, probably the best place in Cresscent Falls for the production of Old Medicine.

In addition, you can also go to Favel in the south. Other named POI can also get this subject. Old Medicine is largely scattered throughout the map, but in a small amount.

With eye and precision: Riemanns curious record

That he has a very strong right footed foot, Manuel Riemann said, was well known in the industry. As a safe penalty protector, the keeper had already appeared more frequently, on Saturday in Sinsheim he also set a remarkable record.

The Bochum final man was almost a bond from another sport. Almost like the tempo shock in the handball, the two hits of the newcomer fell in Sinsheim. A long tee of Riemann, extremely precise, Takuma Asano takes the ball up and completed.

Through twice, Bochumen Number 1 threads a hit, two assists are not for him to be booked for him, because before the second hatch, Hoffenheim’s defender Florian Grillich was on the ball. Some, because not only in these scenes Riemann proved that he does not just understand himself on his core business.

One of the best keepers of the league

With its strong one-counter-one and its excellent reflexes, the late-occupied also belongs to Manuel Riemann notes to the best keetters of the league. Only with 33 Riemann appeared in the Bundesliga, according to the assessments of the Manuel Riemann reporters he currently comes with 2.73 on the second best score. Number 1 In this ranking is the Cologne Marvin Schwäbe with 2.70, Riemann stands even better than the Gladbacher retention of Yann Summer (2.77), which is outstanding this season.

Goalkeeper Statistics

Not only to Hoffenheim was to see: Hardly anyone else turns around as soon as the Bochum final man who is always oriented after a Goal Shot of the opponent and certainly previously guided before, whom he could achieve with a wide tee. Of course, he also helps his precision, because Riemann is an excellent footballer, even beep-sweet strong.

And no other goalkeeper succeeded in preparing a hit in the three highest German leagues. Riemann had recorded an assist in the 3rd league in the 2009/10 season for Wacker Burghausen as well as for the VfL Osnabrück (2012/13), in the 2nd league, he succeeded in the season 2013/14 for the SV Sandhausen.

Bochum 100. Away win in the Bundesliga

Strong six games without opponents Overlay the Bochum Keeper in his so far 26 Bundesliga inserts – now he also appeared in the highest class as a goal preparer.

Bochum-Keeper Riemann redet sich in Rage und kritisiert eigene Mannschaft ????????
And Riemann was decisive for the VfL Bochum in the 594th away example of his Bundesliga history import the 100th victory. For the first time, a club needed so many lots to commit this anniversary. But of course, several clubs do not even come close to their 100th away win in the Bundesliga.