New Uncharted games for PS5 potentially filtered by Naughty Dog

It seems that Naughty Dog could be working on new games of the Uncharted series for PlayStation 5 at this time. While technically the study has just launched a new delivery earlier this year with _ Uncharted: The legacy of thieves_ A new main entrance in the franchise has not occurred since 2017 unchart: the lost legacy. Fortunately, it seems that Naughty Dog is definitely doing it. _Algo with uncharted based on a new filtration.

According to a recent publication of a Naughty Dog recruiter with the name Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty, the study is currently looking to incorporate new developers to work on Uncharted. In a recent publication on LinkedIn, McBrearty spoke about what she will do in Naughty Dog in the future. In doing so, she also mentioned that Uncharted is clearly something that the study is focusing on.

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“This opportunity will allow me to better merge my talents and experience with human resources operations, commercial strategy and recruitment with my passion for videogames and entertainment. It is even more special to build future teams not only for new titles but also for the legacy. From Uncharted, which is very personal and specific to me and my family, “McBrearty said in her publication.

According to McBrearty’s writing here, it is difficult to know exactly what he refers to the “legacy of uncharted”. The implication is that Naughty Dog will create new entries in the series of some kind, but the finest details here are still a bit confusing.

It is worth emphasizing that even if Naughty Dog has plans to make more uncharted games, we may not know anything else about what awaits us for quite some time. Since McBrearty is a recruiter, she seems that she will seek to hire staff and bring new developers who will then work with Uncharted. As such, the future of the study with the IP could be in the early stages of planning.

Even so, are you excited to see that Naughty Dog is clearly not looking to leave uncharted back completely? And in what direction do you expect the study to carry the franchise in the future? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter in @ mooreman12.