BVB: Ex-Terzic assistant reports on blatant days at the professional team

After the release of Lucien Favre, Edin Terzic Borussia Dortmund still led to the Champions League and the DFB Cup victory last year. His then assistant Sebastian Geppert has now described his view of this moving weeks at the BVB.

“They were very blurred days. The moment, when he was whistled in Berlin and we had the pot, I will never forget. That was incomprehensible. Somehow I was looking forward to everyone else than for me. For Edin, because I knew That he had earned the totally, “recalled today’s U17 coach in the interview with” Spox “.

Terzic had taken over the Dortmund professional team in December 2020 in a difficult position after he had previously been co-coach under Favre. Especially in the season finale, the team delivered among him, so some fans even wanted a further employment as a chief coach for the 39-year-old.

It was almost forgotten that the first games under Terzic were also very waxed. Crushed but never doubted to the qualities of his then boss.

“I’ve always believed in the idea and also because you will prevail and work because I was 100 percent convinced of Edin and our work,” said the Junior Coach.

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Praise for Hummels – Back Cover for Moukoko at BVB

He also felt confidence in the joint work at that time – especially after there was some early defeat.

“In this phase, it helped someone like Mats [Hummels, Note d. Red.] And supported us, and supported us. That has driven us unemployed and also showed the relationship between players and coaching team,” said crushers out of.

A special relationship still connects him to Youssoufa Moukoko, which he once looked at the U17 itself. Despite his huge talent, crushed bonded to do not roughen the Youngster too much.

“You have to leave the church in the village and can not be nervous. He is 17 and could play a youth even in the next season. You just have to leave him time,” he asked.

That Moukoko will eventually make the next step, but it is clear to him: “I am firmly convinced that he will play a very important role in the future.”