The new rumor of PlayStation has bad news for Uncharted fans

A new rumor of PlayStation has bad news for inexplate amateur. About six years have passed from unchart 4: The outcome of the thief was released through PS4, and five years since the last inexplain game, unchart: the lost legacy, was released. To put that in perspective, in ten years, eight _inexpladora games were launched between four main games and various derivatives. All the fans of the Nathan Drak series that have recently got it is Charted: the legacy of the Thieves (PORTS) and the new Tom Holland movie. And it seems that that will not change soon if a new rumor is true.

Naughty Dog, the developer responsible for the series, has confirmed that he is working on three games. We know that one of these games is some kind of independent online game for The last of us part II. However, what the other two projects are a mystery. There have been rumors of a remake of The last of us is in process, but according to a new rumor is a new fantasy IP and The last of us part III.

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The new rumor comes by the way to go Leaks on Twitter, whose report does not mention at all a new inexplate game, which is strange considering the success of the film. However, only because Naughty Dog is not working on a inexplate game does not mean that a different PlayStation study is not. That said, even if this was the case, it would obviously be less than ideal for the fanatics of the series, since Naughty Dog is not only the creator of inexplain but they are one of the best studies in the business.

However, all this speculation is based on a rumor and, for now, this rumor should be taken cautiously. Of course, if any part involved comments on this rumor and speculation, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. Would he be interested in a inexplete R Evival if it is not courtesy of Naughty Dog?

These are the first opinions of uncharted

Although there are still a couple of days away so that the movie of _ uncharted _ is released, today several reviews of this expected adaptation have begun to be published. As expected, the reception has not been positive, and The new work of Tom Holland has a 44% rating in Rotten tomatoes.

However, at the moment, nine reviews have been published on this site, so this rating could well increase, or decrease, as days pass. For some, videogame recreations are some of the most striking sections. While for others, Naughty Dog’s work calf is just what stops the potential of this project.

This was what THN said:

“Most of your best moments are recreations of games, and even then take some time for the sequences to give a feeling of fun similar to grasping a control.”

On the other hand, this was what Film Stories mentioned:

“When it covers the potential to be silly and spectacular, it is an absolute delight.”

UNCHARTED: The Movie - First Reviews w/ Rotten Tomatoes Score REACTION

For its part, this was what Digital SPY said:

“Uncharted ends without having a particular character and recycles that we have seen in better movies of the same gender.”

_ Uncharted_ will reach the movie theaters next February 17, 2022 . On related topics, this ribbon has a game of games. Similarly, Tom Holland played _uncharted 4, _ and the result was not positive.

Editor’s note:

This reception was to be expected. Like many other video game adaptations, it seems that unchart ends up being just a calca of some of the events created by Naughty Dog. However, it still is still to be seen with our own eyes how well, or bad, is the tape.