Semiconductor price for smartphones up to 20%

With the shortage of semiconductor supply, the main semiconductor price for smartphones is expected to come again this year. It is observed that smartphone price hikes are inevitable due to chip price hikes.

According to the 22nd Market Research Counterpoint Risper, the supply situation of smartphones for smartphones, power management semiconductors (PMICs), and display driver-based (DDICs) are the most serious and price hikes are expected.

Semiconductors for smartphones ▲ 5 ~ 10% for 5G flagship smartphone ▲ 4G medium sized AP 10% ▲ PMIC 15 ~ 20% ▲ DDIC / TDDI 5 ~ 10% ▲ CMOS image sensor (CIS) 1200 ~ 4800 CIT % ▲ Wireless communications Chips (RFIC) are expected to be raised this year earlier this year.

These chips have been raised last year. Last year, DDIC / TDDI rose 30 to 40% over the previous year, and PMIC is 20 to 40%, and 4G AP is irradiated to 5%.

On the other hand, memory prices for smartphones this year are expected to be cut. The DRAM is expected to be 10 ~ 15%, and NAND is expected to cut 10%.

Semiconductor Earning Updates | Big Wins for AMD STOCK Price
Chip price hikes are inevitable to rise in smartphone costs. The counterpoint is the premium smartphone (more than $ 600) this year, and the Mid End Smartphone ($ 300-450) is 8 ~ 16% increase, low end (less than $ 150) It is expected that% is expected to be raised.

The counterpoint has been new, while the counterpoint has released the chip price outlook, the smartphone prices have increased.

Semiconductor shortages for smartphones are expected to be relaxed in the second half of this year.

William Ree Counter Point Semiconductor Research Institute said, “Wafer production expansion, semiconductor supplier, and a smartphone manufacturer’s chip inventory accumulation,” Some parts supply can be improved in the first quarter of this year, In the third quarter or in the early days, the supply of smartphones for smartphones will be relaxed. “

“But now, Shanghai and the surrounding area are suffering from the production of some smartphones due to blockade to prevent corona 19 proliferation. He said, “he said.

Naughty Dog plays Nice, donates Jak and Daxter to a charity

Despite his name, the Developer Naughty Dog takes the beautiful road this year, helping those who need it.

The recently announced development team on Twitter will give all funds from its recent partnership with Limited Run Games to various charities. The two companies associate earlier this year to produce the physical versions of his hit jak and daxter reissues for Playstation 4.

In his accompanying blog article, the developer entered a little more detail, linking the gift to his recent 35th anniversary celebration. Evan Wells, President of Naughty Dog, explained that all benefits would go to different groups, including K9 for Warriors, Child’s Play, Surfrider Foundation, LGBT Center of Los Angeles, AbleGamers and Dagers.

“We are proud to support these groups who defend and advancing the important work for accessibility, environmental conservation, veterans, LGBTQ + community and children’s hospitals,” said Wells.. “It would not be possible without you – our incredible fans – or our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Limited Run Games, who have defended and supported this vision from the beginning.”

Will There Ever Be Another Jak And Daxter Game? | #JakAndDaxter #NaughtyDog #PS5 #Jak4

The four Jak and Daxter games, including the out-of-shop _jak x, _ physically released with standard and collector editions throughout the year. They ended up being the huge success with The Fans, selling almost instantly. The collector editions in particular have been quickly recovered, with the exclusive objects like the boxes.

For those who missed these versions, do not worry. Digital Jak and Daxter Games are always available on the PlayStation Store now.

There is a Dino crisis in Exoprimal Capcom on PS5, PS4

Exoprimal - State of Play March 2022 Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4
Dinosaurs? Fire arms ? Capcom? There is only one thing that this can be: exoprimal, a brand new cooperative shooting game on the fight against hordes of dinos.

This brand new IP is a multiplayer cooperative shoot-up, allowing five teams to dress in various Mechs to combat dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. It looks absolutely crazy – the animals fall from the sky in mass through Vortex, for the love of God. Video games are so stupid and brilliant.

Anyway, each Mech will of course have a separate role to play in a team, offering its own strength in the fight against the threat to full teeth. You will be able to exchange Mechs at any time to adapt to the situation, which seems ideal because that T-Rex may appear in a hole in space-time without notice. There is more information on the PlayStation blog, if you wish.

It seems that it could offer a ridiculous pleasure when it arrives on PlayStation 5 and PS4 in 2023, next year, but it looks like a future year, you know? Do you crash for exoprimal? Bring your umbrella in the Comments section below.

OTT Wave, this years movie, drama, entertainment of 30 pouring

OTT Wave predicted the release of 30 content, including the original genre such as drama, entertainment, and movies this year.

In addition, we planned to secure good quality original content through ‘Studio Wave’, which is in its own planning development studio,

By 2025, Wave, who declared the contents investment of W1tr, has released 26 original and exclusive content last year and has expanded its subscribers.

Original content, which is a ‘first woman’, ‘black sun’, ‘Wonder woman’, and ‘Yunchun’, and the original, “the Yunchun”, “the original”, and the ‘Yunchun’, a member of 65% of the new paid subscribers, Achieved. Especially, the ‘Yu-Yu-up’, ‘Yu Yu’, “Yu Yu-yu ‘, which is a wave alone,” Going to the following blue, “, has been renovated with a large and original material that was different from the existing broadcasting content.

Wave will show you the original content new lineup such as drama and movies through aggressive investment this year.

From January to ‘Trays’, ‘Reading the mind of evil’, we launched a new original drama, secured 492,000 users of the monthly user last month. 176,000 a thousand of the previous month.

■ Studio Wave Full-scale Operation

This year’s subsidiary studio wave activity is increasing the expectation for the wave original this year.

Studio Wave is introducing the “tracer” to the first work and strengthens the wellward original lineup. The “tracer”, who ended the Season 1, the first place, including the first place,

Kwon, Sang-woo, Seongdong-il’s starring ‘x’ is also released as a new wave original drama this summer. It is scheduled to draw up the crisis of each generation that lives in the present time.

Works on the original work are released in the second half of the year.

Wave introduces differentiated action growth drama ‘weak hero’ in 2H. The ‘weak hero’ is a story that is a new hero’s birth, as a new hero, a weak boy fighting with a brain and tools, and a psychology.

Following the ‘weak hero’, the fantasy youth ‘Caemine’ is also introduced to the WebToon original wave series.

Kim Young-kwang, Lee Sun Bin’s completeness of the film ‘Mission Passable’, which is attracting attention to the highest comic action, is made of a drama ‘Mission Tuborable’, which deals with the story after the movie ‘Mission Passable’, and is made of Wave investment.

■ ‘Gentleman’, ‘Deadman’, ‘brave citizen’… Expansion of investment in original movie

Wave supported the film investment this year to secure the original killer content at the same time to support the stagnant film industry.

Wave First Original Movie ‘Gentleman’ is released in the first half. Park, Sung-woong, who started his test tax to strict, and Choi Sung-woong, and Choi Sung-woong will show you a peaceful chemistry of three actresses.

Kim Hee-ae, Jo Jin-woong, Lee Soo-kyung’s starring crime mystery thriller ‘Deadman’ is released in 2H. ‘Deadman’ is a story that the name of the name of the name of the name of the name of the name of the name of the pants’ Ace is a dead person, living with a dead person, and finds a decent.

Naver Webtoon ‘Brave Citizen’ is also expected to be released as Shin Hye-sun, Lee Jun-young ‘s smoke.

Music documentary ‘I am the HIP’, which deals with mythology of the girl group Mamori success mythology, is also released the entertainment program such as the world travel season 3 ‘riding the ladder of EXO (EXO).

Wave will be able to show a number of self-planning properties this year. To this end, the wave is developing programs to lead to a love, reality, survival, and game show, which aimed at MZ generations.

In addition, we have a plan to develop a broadcasting company content of broadcasting company, and the Wave will develop a total of 30 oriented original series.

■ ‘Red Damp’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘In-house right’… Broadcast Content Bank Office Expectation

Above all, the strength of the wave is on the rich content supply of broadcaster, such as terrestrial, tongue.

Especially last year ‘Penthouse’ series, ‘Retail Red End’, ‘Retail Red End’, ‘Darvet Retail’, ‘Damage’, “The drama lineup of the terrestrial broadcasters, which is a lot of popular works,

This year KBS introduces Lee Jun, a strong, and Jang Hyuk, which appeared by Jang Hyuk. I had the story of the king that must be loved by living a loving woman to live with the good and survival to live. KBS is also a drama to be a drama, such as a trial member of the three-way, and a three-way Marriage Project of Three-sided Marriage Project to take off apartments, which also draws the hot sports romance of twenty-five sports romance.

MBC is a popular webtun’s fantasy drama ‘Tomorrow’ from March. Kim Hee Sun, Reverse, Lee Soo Hyuk and Yoon Ji-oh, this drama, which are gathering as a gorgeous radical and special effects. Fantasy drama ‘From now on’ Saigae, Doctor Loyer ‘, the Naver’s popular webtoon, ” To organize.

SBS starts airing in office romance drama in this month. Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim, Min-jung, Kim Min-gyu, ‘In-house right’ starring in the snowy, the ‘In-House Route’ appeared on the face genius ability to have a thrilled story of a hidden fairy woman who hidden CEO and identity. SBS is an idea of ​​’게 게 Mai Life’, which is the absolutely captive of the absolute magnetization of the two-way thermal examination, and the story of a cold lawyer, and the story of the Roth School to keep her.

** ■ HBO, Peacot, etc.

In addition to broadcasting content and original strengths, Wave has been reinforced its lineup and has been reinforced by the masterpiece overseas series.

Wave expanded its exclusive supply and initial public lineup while securing 3,700 overseas series over the previous year. Currently, it is provided to the Asian work, including HBO, NBC Universal, Peacock, including overseas major studio series.

Wave is providing a major HBO series to the monopoly of the main HBO series since last year. We have a powerful fandom in the world, including the whole season, including the whole season, including the whole season, including the full season, and the workshop, and the workshop, “Yuupo”, ‘Watchman’, ‘Seventh’, ‘Mare of East Town’ I saw the mind of the mania floor.

In addition, ‘Bayside Yals’, ‘Doctor Death’, ‘Girls Five Eva’, and the Pockock Original Series will launch a new pleasure to the first time in Asia.

Waves | Official Trailer HD | A24

Even this year, Wave will be “end game”, ‘Resido Sielian 2’, ‘Angeline’, ‘Chuyi Season 2’ and ‘The Capture Season 2’, and the new overseas series.

“We will build a new media ecosystem, including” broad collaboration, including content companies such as broadcasters, producers, films, enters, such as “broadcasters, producers, films, enters, etc., and create a new media ecosystem in OTT.”