Lost Arc, hosting an OST concert in full orchestra

On the 17th, Smilegate RPG announced that it will hold a concert “Dear. Friends” where you can meet Lost Arc’s various OSTs with a full orchestra.

The ‘Dear Friends’ concert will be held at the Lotte Concert Hall in Songpa -gu, Seoul on June 3rd. KBS Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ahn Doo -hyun, and director Wang Yong -bum will meet and deliver the magnificent and beautiful melodies of Lost Arc. In addition to general orchestra performances, we are preparing to listen to Lost Arc OSTs of various genres such as jazz, opera, heavy metal and musicals.

Concert tickets will be reserved from 6 pm on Friday, 20th. The ticket price is 48,000 won for R seats, 24,000 won for S seats, and 18,000 won for A seat. The entire proceeds from the ticket sales of the concert will be used as a donation throughout the society that needs help. In addition, real -time live broadcasts will be held on Lost Arc’s official YouTube channel for adventurers who cannot find a concert ticket or attend the concert on the day.

LOST Concerto

Smilegate RPG Suwon Gil said, “It has been a long time since the story of the Lost Arc OST concert was talked about. I would like to express my gratitude to the adventurers who have been waiting for the unchanging love. ” I will do my best to show a good performance. ”

For more information about the Dear Friends Concert, please visit the Lost Arc official website.

Ice hockey World Cup: Defending champion Canada also wins against Slovakia

Defending champion Canada also won his third game at the ice hockey World Cup in Finland and is course on the quarter-finals. The record world champion, who previously defeated Germany (5: 3) and Italy (6: 1), defeated the Olympic third Slovakia 5: 1 (1: 1, 2: 0, 2: 0) on Monday in Helsinki.

Host Finland also celebrated the third win in the third game. In Group B, Finns defeated the United States 4: 1 (1: 0, 3: 0, 0: 1), for the Americans it was the first defeat. Latvia defeated 3: 2 (1: 1, 2: 0, 0: 1) in Tampere Norway and won the first three.

Highlights | Slovakia vs. Canada | 2022 #IIHFWorlds

Adam Lowry (11th), Pierre-Luc Dubois (27th, 38th) with his tournament hits three and four, Cole Sillinger (42nd) and Morgan Geekie (52nd), in the NHL teammate of the Deb goalies Philipp Grubauer The Seattle octopus scored the goals for the 27-time title holder from Canada.

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Samuel Takac (13th) in the meantime equalized for Slovakia with an overpark goal, which had collected her first defeat on Saturday in 1-2 against the selection of the German Ice Hockey Association.

2-0 for Bora: German team convinces at the Giro

The mood was perfect with Lennard Kämna and Emanuel Buchmann, and that was not only on the well -deserved day of rest in the seaside resort of Montesilvano on the Italian Adriatic coast. On a relaxed training trip, the German duo of the team Bora -Hansgrohe took it easy on Monday – and was able to proudly review the previously achieved review.

Two stage victories in mountain arrangements by Kämna and Jai Hindley, plus the Australian and Buchmann in the top 10 of the overall ranking: The German top team is at the 105th Giro d’Italia full in the target. “If you add the successes to the mountain arrangements, it is 2-0 for Bora,” team boss Ralph Denk to the SID on Monday: “It was a good start. We already have a lot on the have.”

Hindley has only 20 seconds behind the Spanish leader Juan Pedro Lopez (Trek-Segafredo) fifth of the ranking. Buchmann is also a ninth (+ 1:09 minutes) in striking distance to the pink jersey, also because the climbing specialist fought out vigorously at the mountain arrival on Sunday at the log house.

Podium in Verona remains the goal

Bora’s big goal of standing on the podium in Verona on May 29 in Verona remains realistic despite the technical breakdown series for the third Bora captain Wilco Kelderman (24./+ 11:02). “We look from day to day. It doesn’t look so bad,” said Denk: “But the Giro is decided like the past few years in the third week. A few seconds become a few minutes from a few seconds.”

Big Names Battle In The Breakaway | Giro D'Italia 2022 Stage 8 Highlights

Until then, the former tour fourth Buchmann and Hindley want to get through the simpler second week. “There are a few stages that are only about sitting in the field, eating, eating and not falling,” said sports director Rolf Aldag.

Kämna probably relies on an escape group again

This generally also applies to Kämna. The 25-year-old, who shone on the Etna on the fourth stage, receives significantly more freedom and is likely to go on a stage hunting. “For him, it is a preference to be in an escape group again,” said Aldag.

Bora at the Giro has subordinate everything to the success in the overall classification and the hunt for stage wins in the hilly terrain. The team does without a sprinter. So far, the strong Ineos team around Olympic champion Richard Carapaz has been tone in the mountains, but Bora keeps a striking good. “But we will not fall into euphoria now and make mistakes,” said Denk.

does the bumpy preparation become an advantage?

The bumpy preparation could prove to be lucky in misfortune. Buchmann and Hindley had to deal with diseases in the weeks before the start of the tour of Italy, but could find their top form until the final. “That would be our ideal scenario that some came into the Giro in top form and get out in the back, while our drivers still have and build up reserves,” said Aldag.

After the day of rest, a mostly flat section between Pescara and Jesi will continue on Tuesday, a good opportunity for the sprinter. The 85th Giro ends on May 29 in Verona. It only gets really crisp again from next Saturday when 3000 to 5000 meters of altitude can be mastered every day (you can find all stages in the overview here…).

Cadiz – Real 1: 1 | Replacement goalkeeper Lunin holds penalty

In the absence of numerous spared stars, it was the second guard of the royal who was allowed to operate in Cadiz: Already in the 5th minute Mariano Diaz, who represented benzema (not in the squad) in the storm center But especially with template giver Rodrygo, who had previously left five players’ players in his sensational dribbling.

However, the early lead and another chance by Asensio (12th) deceived a little over the fact that Cadiz was the more active team from the start. However, neither Akapo (1st), nor Negredo (14th, 24th) were able to use the uncomfortable carelessness in Real’s defensive.

Real defends Vogelwild – Cadiz deservedly compensates for

Cádiz vs Real Madrid | All Goals & Highlights | LaLiga Santander 21-22

However, this did not turn out to be warning signals for the master and champions League finalists. Replacement goalkeeper Lunin, who represented Courtois, had to offer all his skills against Idrissi (36th), but was beaten a short time later when a Sobrino shot was fell into goal from the lower edge of the latte – the absolutely deserved equalization ( 37.). Actually, the underdog would have had to lead to the break, but it did not use regular mistakes in the real defensive after the 1: 1.

Cadiz ‘runs chances: Lunin holds penalty

Even after the change of sides, it was clearly noticeable that one team was sure to get the championship and that the other had to avoid an impending descent. Real failed, Cadiz dominated – but Cadiz just didn’t use his chances. After another Militao error, Negredo was taken from Lunin from his legs, but failed in the due penalty due to Real’s replacement goalkeeper (61.). It was the beginning of a private duel between Cadiz ‘Sturm -Routinier and the Ukrainian in the Madrilenen goal: twice, Lunin destroyed the best chances of Negredo in the a follow -up minutes (67th, 70th) – it was desperate for the relegation candidate.

Real came against far-up home side at least some switching situations and opportunities by Mariano Diaz (63.), Asensio (68.) and Ceballos (90.+2), but was extremely good with the 1-1 final score below the line served – Sobrino awarded the last of many good opportunities of the underdog (83.). Double bitter for Cadiz: Competitor Mallorca won against Rayo Vallecano through a goal in added time and moved past the Andalusians in the table, which thus slip on a relegation z1. On the last matchday, Cadiz no longer has the rescue in his own hands.

Solving drama! Germany wins the U17

The U17 juniors of the German Football Association won the European Championship for the eighth time.

In the final of the final round in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the team of DFB coach Friedrike Kromp against Spain defended the title after the meeting after 90 minutes 2: 2 (1: 1).

The record winners, who were already qualified in India by moving into the final for the World Cup in autumn (October 11th to 30th), celebrated the fourth title gain in the past five EM tournaments.

The crucial goal from the point marked the Munich woman Laura Gloning. The Spaniards shot a total of three penalty.

The Hoffenheimer Mara Alber had saved the DFB team two minutes before the end of the regular season with the equalizer to 2-2 in the penalty shootout. Previously, the Iberers had temporarily shot the game after Germany’s leadership by the Hamburg native Svea Stolt (15th).

Germany vs Spain U17 Women Live Stream - Euro U17 Women Football Final Live Score
Kromps players had moved into the final through a 1-0 win in the semi-finals against France. In the preliminary round, the German team prevailed against the Netherlands, Denmark and the hosts.

Two Point Campus: After the Wizarding School, here is the spy school!

Sega and Two Point Studios continue the promotional campaign of Two Point Campus and present a new specialized school that it will be possible to manage in the game. It is a question of a spying school bringing together all the elements that make it
recognizes between a thousand.
Sunglasses, trench coat, multiple identities, lonely life and even a jet-pack, difficult not to cliché in the matter, so that one has the impression of embodying a secret agent at the service of his
Of course, there will be other gadgets to test, just to have the complete panoply of agent 007, knowing that we will have to be wary of rival agents who have infiltrated the base.

Course Reveal: Spy School | Two Point Campus
Everything is presented in this gameplay video and we imagine that by the release of the game, wedged next August, we will have other specialized schools.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker

SV Werder Bremen would like to make the promotion perfect in the 2nd Bundesliga on the last matchday against Jahn Regensburg. You can follow the duel here in the live ticker.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg – 2-0



1: 0 Füllkrug (10th), 2: 0 Ducksch (51.)

List Werder Bremen


Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Weiser (90th AGU), C. Groß (90. Gruev), A. Jung, Bittencourt (76. Rapp), Schmid (56. Schmidt) – Füllkrug, Dicksch

List Jahn Regensburg

| Weidinger – Saller (85th Otto), S. Breitkreuz, Elvedi, Wekesser – Gimber, Besuschkow (85th Faber), Beste (68th Makridis), Boukhahalfa (75th Mitters), Shipnoski (68. Yildirim) – Albers

Yellow cards


????SV Werder Bremen - Jahn Regensburg / Live
C. Groß (9.), Schmid (45.+1.) / Breitkreuz (17th), Wekesser (54.), Albers (57.), Gimber (71.)

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Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 2: 0

90.+4.: conclusion.

90.+1.: The regular playing time has just expired. There should be three minutes on top. But there are already children on the lawn. Felix Zwayer has to send it back. Everyone has to be patient for a moment.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – Change of Bremen

90.: and instead of Christian Groß, Iliev Gruev can participate a few moments. We are through with the players.

90.: A few players should still actively participate in the law. Felix Agu comes for Mitchell Weiser.

90.: A few players should still actively participate in the law. Felix Agu comes for Mitchell Weiser.

89.: The Jahn no longer does serious resistance. The Upper Palatinate fits into the defeat, no longer collecting the energy to hurt Werder again.

87.: Schalke has conceded the equalization. Should Nuremberg still turn the game completely, the master shell would ultimately be awarded here in Bremen. That would of course put the crown on the whole thing from Werder’s perspective.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LIVETICKER – Wechsel Regensburg

85.: Furthermore, Max Besuschkow is allowed to end and is replaced by Konrad Faber. Mersad Selimbegovic fully draws his exchange contingent.

85.: The battered Benedikt Saller leaves the lawn with the guests. David Otto comes for that.

83.: A flank from Benedikt Saller processes Andreas Albers in the head. But there is also a lack of accuracy. Jiri Pavlenka doesn’t have to bend fingers.

81.: Werder steers towards the Bundesliga, still does not have to look at the competition. In addition to Darmstadt, the HSV now also leads, but the two clubs struggle only around the relegation place. Schalke also still leads in Nuremberg. So the Bremener will apparently no longer be able to get the championship title. But that would not detract from joy in the Weser Stadium.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – Change of Bremen

79.: A fresh force is ready for Werder. It is called Nicolai Rapp and comes for Leonardo Bittencourt.

76.: The Upper Palatinate also strives for an improvement in results. Max Besuschkow is blocked, Benedikt Gimber fails due to the goalkeeper and Joel Spent misses the box.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – change Regensburg

75.: On the part of the guests, Carlo Boukhalfa did his day. From now on, Joel Spent.

74.: Now Regensburg is upset again, plays forward again. So the Jahn comes into the sixteen, where Andreas Albers is blocked. Following the following corner, Charalambos shoots Macridis from the background. The legal shot is set too high.

70.: After more than 20 minutes, the guests come back to the goal again. After a cross from Benedikt Saller, Carlo Boukhalfa heads. Jiri Pavlenka has no trouble.

69.: Again, the host offers space. Marvin Ducksch plays out on the right to Niklas Schmidt. Mitchell Weiser continues his flat cross to Leonardo Bittencourt, who closes directly on the left at the goal area and hits the left outer post with his right foot.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – change Regensburg

68.: In addition, Jan-Niklas is replaced by Charalambos Makridis.

68.: for the first time, Mersad Selimbegovic is also intervene. Instead of Nicklas Shipnoski, Aygün Yildirim plays.

67.: Niklas Schmidt pulls off the background. The full right shot from half -right 18 meters hisses past Alexander Weidinger’s housing right.

66.: Then the home side even offers a quick switchover situation. Ultimately, however, the Bremen play that too cumbersome. Marvin Ducksch serves the Lonardo Bittencourt box on the left. Its flank does not arrive.

64.: Now Mitchell Weiser plays steeply into the top. Marvin Ducksch sets off, there would be free rail. But the attacker is not fast enough. Alexander Weidinge is more on the spot.

62.: from Regensburg has not been seen much for some time. The Jahnelf continues to have its game shares, but currently knows nothing to do with the ball.

60.: Now a high ball sails in. This looks promising in the approach. Milos Veljkovic strives for the ball, but has no ideal position and cannot end.

59.: Werder stays tuned, now wants to make nails with heads and ideally decide. Anthony Jung concludes a Bremen attack on the second attempt. The right -hand shot from a half -left position demands Alexander Weidinger, who parried the shot well on the short corner.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – yellow card of Alber

57.: The just substituted Niklas Schmidt is greeted by Andreas Albers, who climbs on his foot. Regensburg’s striker thus strokes his third warning of the current season.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – Change of Bremen

56.: For the first time, one of the two trainers actively intervenes. Ole Werner takes Romano Schmid out of the game and brings Niklas Schmidt.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – yellow card Wekesser

54.: Because of a foul on Leonardo Bittencourt, Erik Wekesser picks up his seventh yellow card of the season.

51.: Afterwards there is discussion about the goal. It’s about a supposed handball by Romano Schmid. But the protests are rejected. So the 20th goal of the season from Ducksch remains.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor Bremen

51.: Tooooooor! SV Werder Bremen – SSV Jahn Regensburg 2-0. After a throw -in on the right side, Romano Schmid prevails in the box with a little luck against Jan Elvedi, then brings the ball to the middle. Then keeper Alexander Weidinger gets on the ball, but cannot control it. So Marvin Ducksch is in the right place at the goal room and only has to shoot in with his right foot.

50.: The official number of spectators has just been announced. Exactly 41,000 spectators are in the Weser Stadium – sold out!

48.: Regensburg has far from completing this game. Nicklas Shipnoski appears on the left at the goal area, but is blocked. The following corner from the left is Jan-Niklas Best. Its cross heads Carlo Boukhalfa past the box at the first post.

46.: it goes on.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – kick -off 2nd half

Conclusion: After 45 minutes, SV Werder Bremen is located back to the Bundesliga thanks to the 1-0 lead against SSV Jahn Regensburg. During a good starting phase, the home side hit the desired path with the early goal. After that, it looked a bit like administrative mode. The playful guests came into their own in phases and put on six shots on goal (two for Werder). Two or three half chances were there, but the Upper Palatinate did not yet.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – half -time break

45.+2.: Then referee Felix Zwayer asks the actors to the cabins for a break.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – yellow card Schmid

45.+1.: Because of a jersey holding against Nicklas Shipnoski, Romano Schmid captivates his eighth yellow card of the season.

45.: On the left wing, Benedikt Gimber picks up a free kick against Ömer Toprak. At first it does not bring anything. Then Max shelling the thing again, looking for the left in the goal area Andreas Albers. He puts in the middle. Jiri Pavlenka gets his fingers. Then the Bremeners beat the thing.

42.: In this phase, the game flattened completely. The action takes place between the penalty areas. Werder should like that, so nothing can burn in the back.

40.: After a high leg by Benedikt Saller against Leonardo Bittencourt there is a free kick for Bremen on the left. With his right foot, Marvin Ducksch kicks the play equipment in the middle. Alexander Weidinger is sure to fish down the thing.

37.: A little later, Andreas Albers cannot be asked for long, just hit it from about 22 meters. The legal shot turns just above the right corner of the goal. The Regensburgers are no longer missing much.

35.: On the opposite side, Nicklas Shipnoski fires from the second row. The right shot hisses past the box just left. Jiri Pavlenka would have been there in time.

34.: on the left near the penalty area Romano Schmid wants to take the ball. Then Benedikt Saller rushes up and hits the Bremer who goes down. The impartial believes that the ball is played. A mistake – that should have given a free kick for Werder.

32.: In addition, the Werderans are currently somewhat covered, show respect for the playful opponent. Of course, this is also not about burning fireworks. So far, only parts of the guest fans have done this in the initial phase.

30.: Then the hosts show themselves again, their first corner of the encounter is working. The cross from the right side conjures up no danger.

28.: Now a long diagonal ball from Jan-Niklas sails the best right into the penalty area. Andreas Albers is also not afraid of the risk, the thing wants to process. But this legal shot also misses the goal.

27.: Still in Regensburg is still a lot on the ball. The Upper Palatinate play a very active role and work climbing to achieve success. So the Bremeners cannot lean back.

25.: Given the tour, Werder does not have to look at the other places. It doesn’t matter what the HSV and Darmstadt do. And since Schalke leads in Nuremberg, the Königsblauen seem to not let the second division championship be taken.

23.: After the corner kick from the left side, Max Besuschkow takes full risk to the right in the box, but clearly takes his volley acceptance with his left foot.

22.: The guests are becoming dangerous for the first time. In the left half field, Benedikt Saller has time and space for the flank. This is intended for Nicklas Shipnoski on the left in the goal area. It is disturbed by Mitchell Weiser. Nevertheless, Jiri Pavlenka has to go and steer the ball to the corner.

20.: Now the second in the table attacks on the left. Again, Romano Schmid puts on Marvin Ducksch in the middle. Under distress, the latter cannot process the pass properly and misses the gate.

18.: In the subsequent free kick, Niclas Füllkrug is looking for the incoming Marvin Ducksch with a sharp ball to the goal. However, the plan does not work. The good idea is not accompanied by enough precision.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – yellow card Breitkreuz

17.: After a foul on Marvin Ducksch, Steve Breitkreuz collects his sixth warning of the current season.

15.: As a result, the home side have the matter under control quite well, always know how to stop the opponent at an early stage. So far, the Bremen fans don’t have to worry.

13.: Game shares recorded without a question, they even have a little more of the game. However, the Regensburgers are not targeted, which means that there is no significant reaction to the deficit.

11.: With his 19th goal of the season, Füllkrug brings his Werderans on the way so that ideally no longer gets into the bredouille and to be able to regulate everything relaxed on his own.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor Bremen

10.: Tooooooor! SV Werder Bremen – SSV Jahn Regensburg 1-0. The ball fidgets on the net again – and now the hit counts. Romano Schmid alludes from the center of Halblin on the penalty area border Marvin Ducksch, who immediately bounces. Just outside the sixteen, Niclas Füllkrug does not torch long and fires on the short corner. The legal shot caught the left interior post and then ends up in the mesh.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – yellow card C. Groß

9.: Because of a foul on Benedikt Gimber, Christian Groß gets his fifth yellow card of the season and would be blocked for the corresponding first leg in the event of a relegation.

7.: All of a sudden there is the first goal scene. Romano Schmid plays the ball from the half field flat in the sixteen. Mitschell waves in a central position and shoots in with his left foot. But the flag goes up immediately. And it is also confirmed that it is a very narrow offside position.

6.: In any case, both teams seem very concentrated, which is noticeable in defense. Accordingly, it is difficult to create something forward on both sides.

4.: Movement for now there is primarily in the ranks. There the fans romp there and make a lot of alarm. The players on the lawn cannot yet be infected by the atmosphere.

2.: calmly and clarified the Jahnelf starts. The Upper Palatinate initially run the ball, leaving them all time in the world. Then Werder also picks up cloth with the play equipment for the first time and is just as careful.

1.: The kick -off has just sounded, the guests encounter. At least the weather offers all the prerequisites for a football festival. The sun shines at 22 degrees. 42,000 spectators in the sold -out Weser Stadium are in a good mood and full of anticipation.

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – kick -off

Before the start: Shortly before the start of the game, we look at the referee team. Felix Zwayer acts on the pipe. The 40-year-old FIFA referee brings the experience from 197 Bundesliga games and comes to his 99th in the German football sub-house. The assistants Marco Achmüller and Richard Hempel are at hand. Florian Exner is the fourth official service between the coaching benches.

Before the start: Only for the fourth time both clubs meet on the occasion of a competitive game. First of all, there were at most in cup games that Werder won in 2004 and in April 2021 in Regensburg without a goal. The Bremen won the first point game in the first half of the current season 3-2. So today you meet for the first time in the Hanseatic city.

Before the start: For Werder, this sounds like a solvable task, although the Hanseates feel a bit more comfortable away than in the Weser Stadium – at least have scored six more points in a foreign place. But there shouldn’t be any doubts about the best second round team. However, the last home defeat was only a good two weeks ago (2: 3 against Kiel). Bremen is now three encounters without a win at home, and did not get beyond a 1-1 against Nuremberg and Sandhausen. The last three comes from mid -March (1-0 against Darmstadt). In this respect, it fits quite well that the green-whites would give a draw.

Before the start: After six winless games in a row, the Upper Palatinate would of course be looking for a full sense of achievement at the end. The Jahn posted the last threesome against Paderborn in March. Since then, however, only the home games against HSV (2: 4) and recently against Heidenheim (0: 2) have been lost. Above was last played four times in episode 1: 1, the last bankruptcy collected in the stranger at the beginning of March in Aue (0: 1). However, the Regensburgs have long been waiting for a win. The last time with a full score was returned from the guest appearance in Sandhausen in mid -January (3-0). Since then, seven away trips have gone into the country.

Before the start: For Regensburg, it is at most about one or the other position. At best, the tablespoon of the table could become even eleventh. At the same time, slipping to 15th place is possible. The latter sounds a bit threatening, but the relegation relegation is calming eight points away. Nothing happens anymore. The Jahnelf can take the final game of the season quite relaxed.

Before the start: on the side of the guests, according to regular keeper Alexander Meyer (training deficit after injury), his last representative Thorsten Kirschbaum, which lastly employed, fails because of a cold. Therefore, in the goal Alexander Weidinger comes to his season debut in the 2nd division. In addition, nothing changes at Regensburg’s starting eleven.

  • Weidinger – Saller, S. Breitkreuz, Elvedi, Wekesser – Gimber, Besuschkow, Beste, Boukhalfa, Shipnoski – Albers

Before the start: Compared to last matchday, Ole Werner sends his team unchanged on the lawn. The Ömer Toprak, which was replaced in Aue a week ago due to calf problems. Also when filling the bank, everything remained the same.

  • Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Weiser, C. Groß, A. Jung, Bittencourt, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch

Before the start: After FC Schalke 04 has been the first promoted this season, Bremen also has everything on his own. A draw is enough to break away from the HSV and make it clear to the first division. For Jahn Regensburg, it’s about nothing, the guests have a comfortable lead to the relegation ranks.

Before the start: plays today in the home home, the Weserstadion’s residential investment. It starts there as with all other second division games of the day at 3:30 p.m.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the game between Werder Bremen and Jahn Regensburg.

2. Bundesliga, Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: Official constellations

Werder: * Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Weiser, C. Groß, A. Jung, Bittencourt, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch
Regensburg: ** Weidinger – Saller, S. Breitkreuz, Elvedi, Wekesser – Gimber, Besuschkow, Beste, Boukhalfa, Shipnoski – Albers

Werder Bremen vs. Jahn Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

The 2nd Bundesliga is at Sky, which is why you can only see the game between Bremen and Regensburg there. The single game with commentator Oliver Seidler runs on Sky Sport Bundesliga 3 from 3:20 p.m., you can switch on to Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 for the preliminary appearance and subsequent conference.

At the same time, Sky also offers a live stream of the encounter. You can receive it with a subscription free of charge via SKYGO, the alternative is that you book a skyticket.

Track the end of the season live: now acquire the skyticket.

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2. Bundesliga: table before the last match day

Square Association Games Tore Difference Points
1. Schalke 04 33 70: 43 27 62
2. Werder Bremen 33 63: 43 20 60
3. Hamburger SV 33 64: 33 31 57
4. Darmstadt 98 33 68: 46 22 57
5th St. Pauli 33 59: 46 13 54
6. Paderborn 33 56: 41 15 51
7. Nuremberg 33 48: 47 1 51
8. Heidenheim 33 41: 45 -4 49
9. Holstein Kiel 33 45: 51 -6 45
10. Fortuna Düsseldorf 33 45: 40 5 44
11. Karlsruher SC 33 54: 53 1 41
12. Hansa Rostock 33 39: 49 -10 41
13. Jahn Regensburg 33 50: 49 1 40
14. Hannover 96 33 32: 47 -15 39
15. Sandhausen 33 39: 53 -14 38
16. Dynamo Dresden 33 33: 45 -12 32
17. Erzgebirge Aue 33 31: 72 -41 23
18. Ingolstadt 33 28: 62 -34 21

Gladbach: New details about the end of Adi Hütter unveiled

As part of his premature separation from Borussia Mönchengladbach, Adi Hütter apparently does without a compensation payment.

According to “Borussia Mönchengladbach1”, both sides have agreed to dissolve the contract, which was originally dated by 2024. In the future, Gladbach saves Hütter’s annual salary of allegedly four million euros.

“I don’t say anything to the contract. But it is correct that Adi Hütter has accommodated us in the conversations. Man and personality are Adi Hütter. Great respect for it,” Borussia Mönchengladbachs director Roland Virkus told the TV station on Sunday.

Trainer search in Gladbach in full swing

Hütter had confirmed his farewell on Saturday after the 5-1 victory against 1899 Hoffenheim on the 34th Bundesliga match day and reported “intensive, good, respectful conversations” with the Gladbach leadership.

The search for successors in the Borussia, which is even at risk of relegation in the meantime.

“It would be negligent if you haven’t already worried. A trainer scouting always has to take place, regardless of the situation. We were in a precarious situation, you will always worry. But I will not discuss names here”, said Virkus.

Favre, Kovac and Co. traded in Gladbach

Max Eberl’s successor emphasized: “Borussia is a team that plays football. Not only the ball possession, but the attribute attractiveness is added. Everything is thrown into the balance. Based on this, we want to find a good coach.”

There are no fixed deadline in the coaching question. “We will now watch who the right coach for Borussia Mönchengladbach is. I can’t say whether tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It can only be in two weeks,” said Virkus.

The names Lucien Favre, Daniel Farke and Niko Kovac are traded in Gladbach.

No happy ending on Hammer Straße-Prussia miss the rise

It was a real heartbeat final on Saturday afternoon, which unfortunately should not find a happy ending on Hammer Strasse. The eagle bearers went to the last minutes of the season with the promotion competitor from Essen, but did not manage to catch up with the 2-1 home win. Thorben Deters and Marcel Hoffmeier met in the Prussian stadium sold out with 14,300 spectators against the U21 of 1. FC Köln, but that should not be enough for the big goal.

With kick -off, this football thriller not only focused on the Prussian stadium, but also on Hafenstrasse. After 90 minutes, in which the eagle wearers gave everything again until the end, the bitter realization remained that 87 points should not be enough. Our team was able to win 26 games in the course of the season and thus achieved an incredible value of 2.28 points per game, but in the end it was three goals that were decisive. A real win was again on this day and even after the final whistle what grew together between team, fans and clubs. The whole stadium applauded for minutes and this time the team and fan scene side agreed by side to the “All together for Prussia Münster”.

when u thought youre winning but Prussia is your enemy... (Prussia's Gloria)

With all the disappointment that prevailed after the final whistle, it will be important again in the next few days to look ahead. Next Saturday (4:40 p.m.) the final is in the Krombacher Westphalia Cup and thus the chance to qualify for the DFB Cup again. “I hope that all fans who were there today will support the team again next week. We need that, ”said coach Sascha Hildmann after the game. In any case, one thing is certain: we continue. Together.

No whistles: BVB fans celebrate Erling Haaland

Your dreams became our history! | Farewell from Michael Zorc
Despite months of uncertainty, as Haaland would go on in summer, there were no whistles for the goal scorer on this 34th matchday.

Instead, there was – guided by the yellow wall in the signal iduna park – thunderous applause and speeches for the Norwegian. The goodwill for the 21-year-old professional, who came to the Westphalia from RB Salzburg in early 2020, met 61 times in 67 Bundesliga games and is now moving to Manchester City has been absolutely harmonious.

farewell to farewell

In addition, the followers of course also celebrated the farewell of club legend Michael Zorc this afternoon –
after a total of 44 years. At his official farewell before the game against Hertha BSC, there was an ovation for the 59 -year -old sports director. In addition, a choreography on the south grandstand with the lettering Zorc has been seen.

Borussia’s unchallenged record player with 572 competitive missions will retire at the end of this season. The previous license player Sebastian Kehl will be the successor.

And that’s not all: Professional Roman Bürki, Marwin Hitz, Axel Witsel, Dan-Axel Zagadou, Reinier and Marin Pongracic were officially adopted on the lawn-as well as the long-standing BVB institution Marcel Schmelzer.