You need to know the battlefield to see the rules! Digging Warhaven battlefield

Nixon’s large-scale Back Byeongjeon PVP game, War haven, is amplifying the expectations of gamers by releasing videos that introduce each battlefield mission and rules ahead of the global beta test. ‘War haven’ is a 16-16 battle by the Allied and Mara-gun, and if they take the base of each battlefield, they win the opponent’s military force, so you can meet different battlefields depending on the mission.

In the ‘Attack-up’, which occupies the camp by indiscriminate attacks, you can play ‘Moshavalk’ and ‘Gala’, and ‘Baden’ in the ‘conflict’ that occupies and restrains the base, and is effective by strategic play. ‘ The convoy is unfolded with a wide battlefield. The user can feel the excitement by wielding a cold weapon with a simple manipulation on each battlefield, and at the same time, he can use cooperative tactics with the squad. In addition, strategic combat experience using the location and mission of the base of the battlefield, and the special features.

■ Attack-Moshavalk, Gala Go beyond the central base and advance to the opponent camp

The attack is a simple mode that can be enjoyed in two maps, Moshavalk, which is set in the background of the cliff outside the Citadel, and the ‘Gala’ in the background of the beach port. The two camps rush to win two central hubs in three hubs on both sides, and the camp, who occupies the central base, occupies the opponent’s base in order to win the military power.

It is also possible to shake the charter or reverse the charter using the special gimmick placed on the map. In Moshavalk, you can quickly move the combat power by taking a human cannon in a central base to quickly reinforce the combat power.

■ Baden Baden Endlessly check to shoot the center

Baden is a battlefield where endless battles and checks continue to occupy the collapsed central base. The central base can be occupied by more than allies in the area, and the occupation flag can be raised.

There are two hubs in the north and south, with the central base, with allies who are revived in the north, and can immediately join the castle to enhance the combat power, and in the south cannon base, shells with the central base and the south base. You can overpower the flocking opponent at once.

In particular, in ‘Baden’, if the squad leader designates a base, the squadrons can be resurrected and joined in the nearest position, so the cooperative play of the squad leader and squadron becomes the key. You can also kill the enemy to shoot a cannon to build an achievement.

■ Fresh Songjeon-Hwa Dig into the enemy and destroy the statue

The convoy is held in the vast battlefield, Hara. The convoy is required not only occupying the base, but also a strategic play that closely identifies the time-saving time, the number of allies, the enemy, and the combat time. In addition, it is possible to quickly penetrate the base from the highlands to the base, to occupy the base or to fly to the enemy to stop the transfer of the goods, and to disrupt the battlefield.

The convoys are prepared for each faction. Only the convoys of the camp occupied the base begin to move to the opposing camp. Depending on the number of allies and enemy soldiers, the speed of moving is determined, and after a certain battle time, the movement speed is faster and the convoy cannot be reversed. You can win the victory by destroying the statue of the symbol of the camp.

Nixon Lee Eun-seok, director of Nixon, said, In ‘Haven’, you can enjoy a unique exhilarating taste and peak of pleasure through large-scale hematocrit warfare. I would like to participate in the steam global beta test.

Stove Indie launched the official Korean language of the comic turn -based RPG

The indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’ operated by Smile gate Stove (CEO Han Youngstown) is a comic turn-based RPG ‘Dungeon of Buck: The Dungeon of the Dungeon RPG: Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos.DEPICTION BUS.

‘Stove Indie’, ‘Dungeon of Buck’, is a turn-based dungeon RPG where the screws are missing somewhere but attractive characters. ‘Dungeon of Buck’ is based on the audio comedy drama of the same name created by French writer John Lang, and the original was also popular with the RPG game and the fantasy hero narrative.

It is characterized by comically depicting Rangers, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarian, Wizards, Ogre and Rogue, which mainly appear in traditional medieval fantasy RPGs. You can use the unique skill tree, upgrade the ability and equipment, and enjoy various play. Interesting storyline and various side quests on the original are also adding to the fun of the game.


‘Dungeon of Buck’ is a masterpiece that many users have cheered since the announcement of the official Korean language release of the game in Stove Indie. ‘Stove Indie’ is attracting more attention by adding the DLC3, which was released last summer to the official Korean version developed in cooperation with the Dungeon of Dungeon.

Stove Indie will celebrate the launch of Dungeon of Town Buck. By October 10, all users who purchase a collection edition containing Dungeon of Tuck Buck’s DLC will be a tea coaster containing game illustrations and 10 collection edition buyers. Give it.

For more information about the Dungeon of Buck game, you can find it on the Stove Indie page.

LOL: The error that Riot Games has repeated for 5 years and that will commit again in the next patch

If we name worse champion of the history of League of Legends to the one who has maintained a bad performance for a longer time, Rye is the only possible choice. The character has been practically abandoned to his fate for Riot Games due to the good use that professionals made of him. A situation that has maintained it in a jail throughout the season 12. The highest victory rate of it if we take into account the year 2022 and the upper platinum ranges has been 47.1% in patch 12.2. That happened eight months ago, and it wasn’t even a positive record.

The lousy work that Riot Games does not stop repeating

Riot Games has announced an increase in power for Rye. The adjustments will take place in the next 12.19 patch and come to stop the serious problems that the champion is increasing the damage to two of his skills. Not much less he will be catapulted at the top of the Tier List when the next version is launched. However, if it could be a sufficient improvement to make it pass from its 45.7% of current victories to a somewhat closer amount to what he had when the year began. He will continue to be a bad hero , but at least you can play with minimal guarantees.

Although the 2022 Worlds are still to be played and this is the most important league of competitive legends, Riot Games has chosen patch 12.19 to improve Rye because he will not affect professionals. The World Championship will be played in full in the currently available version (12.18) and there will be no bigger tournaments until it begins next year. This means that the ‘pros’ will be immune to these changes so that the character’s performance cannot be shot in the elite environment.

The truth is that Rye’s fans are not to bitter because of a candy such as his champion’s improvement. However, Riot Games proves to continue a little sustainable model . In this sense, it helps us to take a look at the historic patches that have affected the champion.

Far from any conspiracy theory, recent years show an obvious pattern. Rye always receives power reductions before the celebration of the world championships or improvements once the patch has passed in which the tournament will be held. Most arbitrary decisions caused by the fear of developers to monopolize the spotlights along the Worlds. It is not that we do not understand this panic, since the champion has dominated League of Legends tournaments. However, the strategy has proven to be poor.

In this sense, it is normal for the League of Legends community to keep your complaints. It is unlikely to think that, over the last five years, Riot Games has not found a moment of calm in which to get seriously with a great update to Rye . Perhaps it is time to carry out a new renown or major playable changes. We do not have the perfect recipe, but it is evident that something should change before the character returns to change in the framework of the 2023 Worlds.

How many chapters are in Valkyrie Elysium?

The duration of the game can be a contradictory topic, but for the most part, players in role-playing games are eager to get as much content as possible from their games. Games such as Skyrim or Elden Ring have a linear storyline that can be held quite quickly, but the games to the edges are filled with side effects for study. Nevertheless, Valkyrie Elysium is trying to break this stereotype in role-playing games, offering in general a much shorter gameplay.


How many chapters are in Valkyrie Elysium?

Number of chapters in Valkyrie Elysium

In total, Valkyrie Elysium has nine chapters, each of which covers one part of the storyline. There are also side quests that need to be performed, as well as another side content, but in the case of the history of the chapter, are the main source.

How long does it take to pass Valkyrie Elysium?

On average, Valkyrie Elysium has about 20 hours of content that players can enjoy without a new passage. This includes the main story of nine chapters, as well as all additional content that can be held in the game. However, if someone is in a hurry to complete the main story, ignoring side quests, this number can be significantly reduced, but, of course, this will vary from the player to the player.

To obtain additional information about role-playing games, read the section How to find and improve climbing equipment in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and full notes for the patch for updating Horizon Forbidden West 1.13 From the game manuals for professionals!

Destroyer: The U fighting U -boat

On September 29, Daedalus Entertainment started early access to the simulation developed by IRON Wolf Studio, Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter and released the trailer.

This game is a single-played work that aims to protect his own transportation fleet from the U-boat, a U-boat of the Axis military, by manipulating the Allied frecier-class destroyer from the bridge, set in World War II.

Win the anti-submarine battle as the captain

The game play of this work uses the bridge of destroyers represented by 3D, sonar, battle command offices that oversee combat information, speculated wake record device (DRT), fire command, and lookout. A form that instructs the enemies and attacks such as the action analysis and tracking, and the actions of the entire escort ship. There are also tutorials that guide each operation, and settings for beginners (on default) that make it easier to search for, such as automatic DRT records.

In addition to the realism and immersion of voice reports that inform the actual combat status of professional voice actors and the actual U.S. Navy soldiers, there are infinite different situations in the automatic weather, time zone, and enemy attack pattern in the Atlantic Ocean. It is said to be fun.

Early access starts

Early access of this work aims to complete while obtaining the player’s feedback. With the aim of implementing new content such as the rescue of survivors, torpedo attacks on escort ships, campaigns, QOL, auxiliary functions, etc., we estimate the maximum period of eight months.

Completion of the game at the beginning of early access

The play experience, which is the core of the game, has already been realized as a stable one, and has already been proud of the goodness of manipulating ships. It is also said to be higher due to custom scenario and generated challenges in the replayability.

Compatible with Japanese


Destroyer: The U-BOAT HUNTER is distributed at 3,861 yen, 10%off, 10%off on the release commemorative sale until October 6, for PC for PCs.

FIFA 23: This is just how you provide assistance at Pass

Every FIFA requires acclimatization. To ensure that the video game structure as well as the compact protect right from the beginning, EA Sports has actually set up some aids in FIFA 23 that supply full support.

That your controller does not right away become a trip item, Twist eSport shows you where you can correct the scenario in passes and also choice of players. As our gameplay examination has shown, FIFA 23 offers some adjustments that make the game a lot more fluid.

complete control over the protection

With this you can direct from the picked gamer or round with the right stick towards the desired twist. A more remote virtual specialist will certainly be picked if you hold the stick in the same instructions longer.


FIFA 23 once more enhances the concept of option with the right stick via the adaptive selection.

The adaptive gamer change relying on sphere functions intuitively as well as specifically. EA Sports

After you-after you have begun the game after you-in the general setups right near the bottom right generally food selection under the item Controller settings. On the initial page, some video game circumstances are noted there with which you can adapt the game to your private demands.

You can commonly change a player with L1/LB or R3. In FIFA 22, options were added by symbol button or turning. When printed on R3, the former creates a symbol over the 4 ball-related gamers, among whom can be chosen. The latter made a pre-selection, needed to be verified by the gamers and also was a development of the timeless stick adjustment.

In the first suits, an extra intuitive as well as more precise positional game was possible with this perspective.

why does it fit that currently?

All the same, we advise attempting out some video games with various settings to discover the best set-up personally. The controller settings can also be found in the break food selection of a suit. You can check an adjustment and also approximate.

With this setting, the high pass succeeds. EA Sports

If you transform the Steilpass-Hilfe on Semi, its direction depends a lot more on hardness as well as direction, but is still partly sustained so as not to deteriorate in an emergency. Our passes played with it landed where they ought to go.

Every FIFA needs acclimatization. To ensure that the game structure and the portable protect right from the beginning, EA Sports has mounted some help in FIFA 23 that supply complete support. Depending on the dexterity, not every ball with the predetermined settings gets here at the recipient of the option. In FIFA 22, selections were included by symbol switch or rotation. In any type of case, we recommend attempting out some games with various settings to find the best set up directly.

There are also some adjustments to keys, all of which offer total, Semi or no assistance. At the beginning, however, the high pass always causes scenarios that let you doubt the instructions of direction.

This is due to the preset complete support, several of the keys right into the room completely protected against and also your ticket chooses to come to be the closest player —— or simply a defender.

RB Leipzig: Konrad Laimers transfer to FC Bayern was extremely close

In summer, the rumors persisted that Konrad Lieder would certainly leave RB Leipzig as well as change to Bavaria. Inevitably, it did not happen. That was not due to Lieder.

I would have prepared to take the action in the summer. It was really close, however the Go from Leipzig did not come, stated the 25-year-old midfielder in and also Talk from the Hangar-7 on Serves television


Lieder thrills that RB Leipzig did not allow him go and also even approves the Austrian global in the coming summer, but the modification veto obviously depends upon the Salzburg native: On the one hand it is great on the one hand Because I am a vital gamer. Challenging on the various other due to the fact that you think a lot. Yet I have surrendered myself to it. It just goes on.

He ticked off the relocation to the ISAF and also wants to concentrate on his job at RB: One of the best clubs in the globe does not knock on every summer season. If you fret as well a lot, you lose view of the most important thing..

does FC Bayern knock once again at Konrad Lieder?

Coach Julian Nagelsmann still recognizes Lieder from Leipzig from times with each other and probably understands just too well what his ex-protégé has to offer.

In summer, the rumors continued that Konrad Lieder would certainly leave RB Leipzig as well as switch to Bavaria. That was not due to Lieder.

Speaking of January: Stay currently Lieder would certainly have less than half a year continuing to be agreement term at the Saxons, interested clubs are most likely to look for get in touch with. Not excluded that FC Bayern also knocks on the door once more.

The most vital point for Lieder is currently his wellness anyway. In mid-September, the ideal foot experienced a dynamic tape tear, as well as an early comeback is not emerging.

It takes a minimum of eight to 10 weeks. In the first fifty percent of the period, it will be difficult to stand in the square once more. It is consequently essential that I provide myself the moment to allow whatever heal as well as do a great rehabilitation so that I can January [January, d. Red.] Can assault fully once more, Lieder comments on his health scenario.

Lieder excites that RB Leipzig did not let him go as well as also approves the Austrian international in the coming summer, however the change veto apparently depends on the Salzburg citizen: On the one hand it is nice on the one hand Since I am a crucial gamer. Can attack totally again, Lieder comments on his health and wellness scenario.

NBA | Schröder misses out on the Lakers training begins

Basketball gamer Dennis Schröder missed out on the beginning of the training camp at the Los Angeles Lakers prior to the NBA season.

We are still working on the visa as well as hope he is right here till the end of the week, stated General Manager Rob Belinda.
The Lakers had brought the 29-year-old to Los Angeles for the 2nd time after his strong efficiency at the European Champion.
He was a stubborn building star that looked after the entire area. We were extremely hectic where he is in his profession, and also he was an excellent leader, stated Belinda.
Schröder had played 61 video games for the Lakers in the 2020/2021 period, yet might not settle on a connection agreement with the group and after that only bet the Boston Celtics as well as after that the Houston Firecrackers.

Honorary Head Of State of FC Bayern at the pillory: Rettig places in a disagreement with Qatar

After the spoken skirmishes on Sunday, Andreas Rettig made a possible source of the 70-year-old’s contact 1 on Sunday with Bavaria’s honorary president UPI Honey on Sunday.

Perhaps boredom, presumed the previous managing director of German Football Organization (DFL) on SPOT and also objective

The previous DFL handling supervisor smugly added: Change with trade has actually not led to success somewhere else.

The biggest investor of fc bayern is the participants. For FC Bayern, the vote of its members seems to be rather subservient, Rettig highlighted now.

According to Rettig, the reality that Honey brought in the Qatari an gas deliveries in his chain of disagreements for the EMIRATE is an inadmissible blending of the degrees: One can tactically utilize ing activities watering of a dictatorial state without press as well as liberty of expression as well as large civil rights violations, which is also because of the orientation of a Globe Mug assures a personal image transfer, not countered with an economic situation that has failed mistake..

The 59-year-old long-standing Bundesliga manager and also Honey had provided a five-minute verbal exchange of strikes. Honey had actually taken event for World Mug hosts Qatar. Rettig is a tried and tested critic of the Globe Cup finals in the Emirate on the Persian Golf.

The differences in opinion between him and Honey, himself as a manager of FC Bayern employer of the Division of Attack at the German record champion, would no coincidence, according to Rettig: This takes place when a qatar lobbyist satisfies a conviction in terms of human rights.

Super Dish Lvii: Rihanna shows up at half -time program

Pop celebrity Rihanna shows up throughout the half-time program at the 57th Super Dish (LVII) in Glendale/Arizona.

The United States Profiling NFL posted an image on Sunday, on which the singer’s hand can be seen with a football.
Let’s go as well as #Sylvia stood above it.
The NFL last happens on the evening of February 13, 2023.
Last period Dr.
Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and also Anderson.park at the Super Bowl in Inglewood/California.
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Most recently, there were media reports that US vocalist Taylor Swift turned down an efficiency at the next Super Dish.