Marseille Holt Tudor Als Sampaoli

France’s football runner-up Olympique Marseille found a new trainer three days after Jorge Sampaoli’s splitting up.
Previous Croatian global Igor Tudor (44) takes over from OM and also gets a two-year agreement, as the standard club revealed.

Tudor most lately functioned in Serie A at Hellas Verona, formerly the ex-professional acted at his previous club Juventus Turin as an assistant to unlucky Andrea Pirlo.
At his very first head mentoring station Hajduk Split, Tudor won the Croatian prize in 2013.
Sampaoli, former national coach of Argentina, had actually asked for greater investments in the gamer in the player.

In his view, the club trip was as well reluctant.
Both sides separated last Friday.

Marcel Ndjeng gets a new task at Bonner SC

It can have been a superlative training duo at Bonner SC, at the very least regarding the experience in the active occupation is concerned: Lukas Sinkiewicz, as a player on a global parquet, as a brand-new head train as well as Marcel Ndjeng as his aide trainer, the 73 times in German upper house joined the ball, for well-known clubs like Hertha BSC, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Arminia Bielefeld, Burger SV and also FC Augsburg.

As the Bonner revealed on Friday, Ndjeng will devote itself to a new, definitely no much less attractive job within the club. The 40-year-old becomes the brand-new instructor of the U 19 in his hometown, who plays in the Bundesliga.

Both sporting supervisors in the young area of the BSC, Deniz Bakir as well as Oliver C. Daniels, expose on the Facebook page of the Regional Organization relegated team what the association appreciates to Ndjeng as well as what he means to do with him: Marcel brings important experiences from the leading sporting activity with him It also played in a young efficiency center in the greatest German junior play courses and as an adult football professional to the Bundesliga. Marcel goes his way as a football instructor with the required mentoring licenses and has actually recently been the aide of the Bonner SC in the local organization in the regional league Practical experience obtained that are especially vital for the performance as well as change area.

Number 50: Special honor for Dennis Schröder

The 28-year-old building actor Dennis Schröder, that most recently played for the Houston Rockets, got a mounted photo that reveals the basketball gamer in the national jersey this Sunday before the World Cup qualis game against Poland.
Schröder played his 50th worldwide match at 88:57 on Thursday at 88:57, and also it has actually also been his very first effort for Germany for almost three years.
President Ingo Weiss and also Vice Head of state Armin Andres made the honor.
The initial round group D has actually currently won Germany after four success in a row, yet the game against Poland, which started on Sunday at 6 p.m., has an even much better base for the 2nd phase from completion of August.

All the same, Finland as well as Slovenia are waiting as an opponent with Star Luka Doncic.
The competition with 32 group davon twelve from Europe will happen following summer in Japan, Indonesia and also in the Philippines.

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. and Nintendo Switch started the flat -rate repair guarantee service. From 2000 yen per year

Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. announced Wide Care for Nintendo Switch on July 1. Application reception has started on July 1st.

Wide Care for Nintendo Switch is a flat-rate repair guarantee service for Nintendo Switch. If you subscribe to the service, the cost of repair will be guaranteed even if the Nintendo Switch itself or its accessories fail. You don’t have to pay the repair fee separately.

The monthly plan is 200 yen (tax included) and the annual plan is 2,000 yen (tax included). If you enter on a yearly basis, you will get 400 yen. The warranty is to support natural failures, as well as broken water and damage due to falling.

The cost of repair is guaranteed up to 100,000 yen (tax included) a year. The maximum number of times is 6 times. Up to two repairs with the replacement of the main unit, the cost is paid to 100,000 yen per year, up to six times per year. Shipping/receipt shipping in repair is also included in the guarantee. The items to be guaranteed are as follows:

manufactured for Japan
・ Nintendo Switch body (including organic EL model)
・ Nintendo Switch Lite body
・ JOY-CON (L)/(R), Nintendo Switch dock, Nintendo Switch AC adapter

There are some points to note. First, products that have failed before joining the service are not eligible. Joy-Con, docks, and AC adapters are limited to those in the main body package. In addition, battery replacement associated with exhaustion is not eligible. Then, the service that allows you to join within the manufacturer’s warranty period or outside the period will change. Within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you can join both monthly plans and annual plans, but if you outside the warranty period, you can only join the annual plan. The service will be updated automatically. As mentioned above, it should be noted that repair with the main unit replacement is up to twice a year. For other details, refer to the common question page on the official website.

This service will be close to AppleCare developed by Apple. The Service focuses only on Nintendo Switch, while AppleCare is targeting various Apple products. Since the bundled object of the main unit is limited, it is not corresponding if the newly bought Joy-Con drifted in the shop is not supported.

This service is developed by Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. with Aon Japan Co., Ltd. Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. is a group company of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Originally developed as a Jessnet Co., Ltd., it became a subsidiary in 2017 and changed its trade name to Nintendo Sales Co., Ltd. This service is being developed in tagging with Aon Japan, which provides risk management services and insurance agencies.

Wide Care for Nintendo Switch is currently accepting applications.


When Maassen is on: Pepi opened up, Iago strikes two times

In his initial game on the side line of FC Augsburg, coach Enrico Maassen needed to exchange early, due to the fact that Petkov had to be changed by Hahn in the 11th minute due to injury.

In general, the FCA was a little tough at initially, even if Ivanovic and later on Pederson satisfied at the very least aluminum with a cost-free kick. The lead was however before the break: after preparatory work by Günther from a short distance (33rd), Pepi executed preliminary job.

IAGO with double pack and layout

Came the time of the Brazilian Iago, as soon as after submitting Mbila through right, after that from Niederlechner to left-one dual pack (73., 81.). Iago after that prepared the last factor by flank, Hahn made the 5-0 final score in the head (86. ).

On Friday, the FCA will satisfy VfB Eichstätt in the following test video game. On July 31st, the initial affordable video game is in the DFB Mug at the regional league group TuS Blau-Weiß.

listing FC Augsburg:

2. Half: Koubek-Framberger, Bauer, Gruber, Iago-Kücüksahin-Mbila, Hahn, Malone, Jensen-Niederlechner.


1. Fifty percent: Gikiewicz-Framberger, Gouweleeuw, Taseski, Pedersen-Götze-Caligiuri, Petrov (11th Hahn), Ivanovic, Günther-Pepi.

[Plan] Would you like to do it together? The first anniversary of waiting for a new traveler

The second country celebrated its first anniversary. The second country, Netmarble’s mobile MMORPG, is a game that attracts attention with the worldview of cute graphics and ‘Ghibli’. It has its own fun and charm.

Along with the first anniversary content update, various systems and events are being conducted for new users. If you start the game, you can awaken 4-star equipment to achieve high combat power, and the growth is easier with various goods rewards. It is the best time to start or return to the second country.

■ Perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of Ghibli… The charm of ‘second country’

If there is Disney’s Kingdom Hearts, Ghibli has Ninokuni. The Ninokuni series, which is the predecessor of the second country, is an IP created by the studio Ghibli crew and TEAM 5. The original works include the PS console game Ninokuni 1 and 2 and the theater animation Ninokuni released in 2019. The original console game was attractive, including studio Ghibli’s unique style, animated world design, and story cut scene with animation.

Netmarble’s ‘second country’ is considered to be a good inherited work of this original. There is a unique fantastic atmosphere, such as cute graphics, crude and attractive characters, and elaborate stories. The service for the original fans is also certain. The story is a different worldview that has passed thousands of years since Ninokuni 2, but there are many scenes where the original characters appear indirectly. Moel Forest or Estavania, which is embodied in the game, comes to mind as a fan of the original.

The sound is also great. From the login screen of the game, the original Ninokuni 2’s ‘BOUNDLESS SKIES’ appeared as the main theme. Just listening to the music of ‘Hisaishi Jo’ can be said to be worth the original fans.

The original Ninokuni is a famous work for the animation cutscene. The second country has no animation cutscene, except for the opening video, but he worked on the story. The game graphics, such as the conversation scenes of the characters and the appearance of the monsters, are naturally connected, but the composition and screen are connected in detail. There are also various motions, so the characters and enemies do not look awkward, and the flow leads to battle is smooth.

The development of a different way of reversing the original setting is a disagreement, but ‘Story’ and ‘Cut Scene’ are the most attractive to make this game play. The visuals are plausible, so it’s fun to play various contents of RPGs such as costumes, battles, and screenshots.

■ ‘Fun’ to increase combat power, the resulting barrier of entry

The second country is mobile MMORPG. This growth method is reflected in the ‘combat power’ if it has subdivided elements such as Imazen (pet), equipment skills, crystals and jewelry. It is one of the great fun of the second country to increase the combat power. The combat power that can be uploaded at once is 100 ~ 500 and in many cases 1,000, so it is difficult to grow significantly, but if you play steadily every day, the character will grow little by little, increase the combat power, and have fun to grow.

The problem is that now after opening, there is a big ‘entry barrier’ due to combat inflation accumulated over a year. Even if you fold and return the game for a while, the gap with existing users who raised the combat power through a new episode event or hunting will make you feel a big gap. As a result, the second country was one of the games that were difficult to receive new users and ‘return’.

** ■ Spread the first anniversary!

The second country, which boasted ‘spicy taste’ growth, has also changed a lot. We heard ‘met’ to improve the chronic problems, such as endless rising combat power, and the difference between new users and existing users over time. The first action is the full support. Along with the release of the new server ‘Barum’, it will aggressively support new.

In the second country, it was not easy for new users to leave the story. Since level 30 lacks leveling experience, you have to hunt fields, and from level 40, you will not be able to die. It is not easy to graduate from the story for beginners if they get good equipment through billing.

However, the second country has boldly improved this composition with the first anniversary update. First, the ‘New Year’ buff provides a dedicated swallow commission and a reign, and supports all the equipment to level 80 through the ‘New Shopping Store’. It is possible to prevent the development of ‘combat power’ and equipment problems as much as possible to prevent nurturing in the story.

In the new server ‘Barum’, new users can start the game at a similar level, making it better to start. There are also new server-only events, additional rewards, and hot time events, so if you start the second country for the first time, we recommend a new server.


Gold, one of the goods that constrained growth, also increased. It is also possible to make 10 million gold unless you use gold acquisition events and various rewards based on a new server. Unlike the inflow standards, which were alternately hunted in order of gold and one day to farm the equipment, there was no unnecessary farming process.

The equipment provided in the new shops can be used until the second half, so you can set the end-level setting by strengthening the equipment you received. Unlike the early open, which was used by strengthening the three-star equipment, it was definitely improved in terms of convenience and accessibility. If you have entered the second country against the story and graphics, you can enjoy the story without blocking the section up to the early level 80. It is the best time to start or return.

■ In addition to new support, new contents also emerge, 1st anniversary update information

A large number of new content was added for the first anniversary. First, for new users, the existing scenario dungeon has been changed in the form of a ‘side story’ and rewarded. In the future, various episodes quests will be added to the ‘Side Story’ tab and can be enjoyed and rewarded with other story quests.

The ‘fishing’ content, which had been gathered in the last episode in the last episode, will always be able to enjoy fishing in the second country. As before, the fishing rod can be strengthened to obtain more rewards, and various fish species can be rewarded by region.

The core of this update is ‘Battle Style’. It is a long time later on a new user, but you can get a quest to change the combat style from level 102. Due to certain roles such as support and buffers, classes that lose solo play content and hunting in hunting can change the concept of existing characters who play as a dealer through ‘Battle Style’ change to make various battles by applying styles according to the situation. have.

■ Would you like to do it together? The second country is also a big attraction

The fun of RPG is not only from growth. It is also very important to ‘together’ with other users through community functions. In that sense, the second country is one of the very good mobile games. Sometimes people who enjoy together can be a reason to connect to the game. In addition to the common features, such as guilds, power wars, and guild dungeons, you can enjoy chat or meet other users in the guild territory.

Neural warfare is unfolded on the channel to collect the ingredients to decorate the kingdom in the field, or to occupy a ‘pet’ toy without special features.

One of the most popular events of the second country community is the virtual wedding. In September 2021, when Corona was in full swing, there was a lot of fun news in the second country. A couple who have been married to Corona have a virtual wedding in a second country. The news spread to the whole server in a time, and the crew also sent a congratulatory message. The guests who dug up the ID directly from another server filled their seats, and the local chat was filled with a message to celebrate marriage. It was a moment when the second country became special.

The second country is obviously a favorite, and the advantages and disadvantages are clear. It has a cute and beautiful visual, but it is also a common mobile MMORPG. Nevertheless, I was able to meet a lot of memories and people while enjoying the second country for a year. This is why someone thinks that the obvious game is fun.

After the general conference: SK Rapid makes every effort for ladies group

The SK Rapid is aiming to compete in green-white in the future. This was made a decision by the Hütteldorfer at today’s normal basic conference of the SK Rapid, which could not be held and also had actually to be delayed last November due to the Corona pandemic.

We will deal with a possible cooperation with a club already committed in ladies’s football along with a club-internal remedy. Infrastructural, we will certainly be outstandingly positioned in Hütteldorf and likewise in Prater in the future, said Bruckner.

Articles and also video clips on the topic
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Clubs from Eastern Austria are interested in participation, states Bruckner. Talks have actually currently been held.

Rapid President Martin Bruckner describes in a program that the details further timetable is to be created as component of a brand-new project group, whose administration is expected to take control of an external personality with knowledge in females’s football.

It is a clear goal that we can provide an accurate proposal at the end of November at the following regular general conference, as we wish to operate in women’s football as SK Rapid. In the current in the summer of 2024, females and also girls ought to be in the rapid dress for the very first time in the summertime of 2024 Playing factors, claimed the 57-year-old Viennese.

Cavendish and also Alaphilippe not nominated for scenic tour: extremely challenging

The 35th day victory on the tour is not yet very fanciful. Cavendish has actually been chosen as a successor and also might still move up for a colleague, that was ill summarily. Because the last raising corona infections in the motorist area, a minimum of not an entirely unrealistic scenario.

As anticipated, Cavendish (37) was preferred by the Dutch Fabio Jakobsen (25 ). The four-time globe champion from Fantastic Britain does not obtain the chance to leave the legendary Belgian Eddy Merckx behind. Both go to the top of the eternal excursion champion list with 34 phase success.

Alaphilippe just returned at the weekend break

The Frenchman Alaphilippe just went back to competing at the nationwide champions at the national championships 9 weeks after his severe loss in the traditional Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The 30-year-old had endured a shoulder blade, two busted ribs and also a lung injury at the end of April.


Alaphilippe won the mountain jacket on the trip of the France in 2018, and in 2019 the all-rounder ended up being 5th. In the previous 4 years, he has won at the very least one phase on the trip that starts in Copenhagen this period.

The decision to leave Julian in the house was extremely tough, said sports director Tom Steels: Julian strove to come back right into form. Yet it is always crucial for a vehicle driver like him to be able To be able to eliminate with the ideal. It was determined to give him more time to unwind.

Bambergs new coach Gernlein: have shed almost 60 objectives

Because of program, it took coach Kolbeck, who after the period in the instructions of 3rd division advertised SpVgg Bayreuth, – Weße Bamberger stars made focus: Already throughout the winter break, aggressor Jakob Tranzisk claimed goodbye towards U 23 of 1. If you like, we have actually lost virtually 60 goals from last period and have to be extremely creative to capture it almost, said Neu-Coach Gernlein in an interview published by the association.

Jan Gernlein-and therefore is actually one as well as a half years older than his predecessor Julian Kolbeck. With Eintracht Bamberg, he provided a strong Bayern league period, but against the end of which the Upper Franconia headed out somewhat. 4 in the final table.

Don’t want to do wild points

If the week after week is the case, we will certainly have little to implicate ourselves in the end, he guarantees. We like to have the sphere and also against one or the other objective, I have absolutely nothing to object.

The Bamberg Eintracht will certainly not be able to count on well-known methods to close the offending spaces: We did not intend to do wild things below, which is understood to have not well-done the club in the past. So our young players also play a major function below, and also We need to see just how we can establish as an area, stated Gernlein: We are trying to incorporate our very own youth gamers in Bamberg as though they have taken care of squad areas and like to do without one or the various other the very same position offers a U-19 gamer.


Donaustauf is a various league

The reality that you wish to stand up once again in the coming season can of training course not listen to anything from Bamberg. We must play an eye-catching football, have actually integrated young gamers and have managed to persuade the fans in the stadium and also the sponsors in the city of our way. The club, group, setting, replies the trained lender, that is now functioning as a social worker.

Others are preferred for him: The delegated team from Eltersdorf with a really wide team, Jahn Regensburg 2 due to the fact that they are well trained, and also over all Danube shop. When you hear, What numbers for players and trainers are placed on the table, then it has nothing to do with what we do here week after week.

Jan Gernlein-and as a result is really one and a half years older than his predecessor Julian Kolbeck. With Eintracht Bamberg, he delivered a strong Bayern organization season, however against the end of which the Upper Franconia went out somewhat. Because of course, it took train Kolbeck, that after the period in the direction of 3rd department advertised SpVgg Bayreuth, – Weße Bamberger actors made focus: Currently during the winter season break, aggressor Jakob Tranzisk claimed goodbye towards U 23 of 1. The reality that you desire to obtain up once more in the coming period can of course not listen to anything from Bamberg.

NBA Information – Draymond Green über Kyrie

If you offer Lebron James someone like Kyrie, then of course they have a chance since Kyrie can rack up. Kyrie is not a leader, but LeBron will certainly be safeguarding before him.

The other alternative would be that Kyrie will leave his contract and afterwards approve the Taxpayer Midlevel Exception over $ 6.3 million. Adrian Wojnarowski ( ESPN ) lastly questioned that Irving will certainly do this because he has actually lost many sponsorship contracts by refusing to vaccination.

If he does not concur on an extension of the agreement with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving is considered the possible goal of the Los Angeles Lakers. Draymond Environment-friendly from the Golden State Warriors still believes that the Lakers themselves can not defeat the champ with Irving.

If you offer Lebron James a person like Kyrie, after that of training course they have an opportunity since Kyrie can rack up. We are not that far yet, after all, Irving has actually not yet made a choice on his player choice of $ 36.5 million. The Lakers lack the problem parts for an Irving profession, one would have to include Russell Westbrook or Anthony Davis, which both appears unrealistic.

Yet we are not that much yet, after all, Irving has actually not yet chosen on his player choice of $ 36.5 million. Deadline gets on June 29th. The Lakers lack the challenge parts for an Irving profession, one would certainly have to consist of Russell Westbrook or Anthony Davis, which both appears impractical.

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You could play for the title, yet you wouldn’t beat us, Green with confidence said to Lucas Shaw (Bloomberg) when he was asked about the chances of the Lakers if they snapped Kyrie Irving in summertime.